Friday, March 30, 2012

My Better Half - Celine and Jin Kim-02

Celine Kim is a wedding photographer based in Toronto. She lives there with her husband Jin and their two cats (Mea and Mojo). They are also expecting a new addition to their family very soon! I've loved getting to know them through their beautiful blog. Thank you Celine and Jin for being a part of My Better Half!

My Better Half - Celine and Jin Kim-04My Better Half - Celine and Jin Kim-03

1. Pretends to not like desserts but always eats half of the dish (or more!)
2. Is a huge fan of naps and siesta.
3. Likes getting flowers more than Celine.

1. Full time allergic to Mea and Mojo (their cats) but loves them too much to part with them (never!).
2. Homemade hot chocolate is the current addiction.
3. Is really hoping to go to India this year.

How they met was simple. Celine met Jin on the very first day of a co-op placement at the office Jin worked in at the time. Jin says he saw her coming up the stairs and it was love at first sight. Celine asked him a silly computer question just to talk to him. That happened 8 years ago in February and they have been together ever since.

Thank you Celine and Jin for being a part of My Better Half!

Photos taken by Henry Cheung.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


It's true! We're moving to Geneva for the summer! One of the perks of being married to a get to spend your summers away. Our first summer was spent in the Philippines, the next was spent in DC, and now we're over the moon excited to be moving to Geneva from May to August.

Cree was offered an internship with the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development in their International Agreements Section. He's excited to be doing "legal analysis connected to economic development," and well...I'm just excited we're going!!

I've never been to Europe, so all advice...favorite places to visit, housing help, travel name it, we'd LOVE some words of wisdom.

PS. Any tips for flying with a 21.5 inch iMac computer? (ha!)

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Better Half - Naomi and Josh-03

Josh and Naomi really don't need an introduction from me! I think it's a safe bet to assume we've all been fans of this adorable couple since their blog began. I met Josh and Naomi this past summer while living in DC, and they are just as sweet, kind, cute and generous as you'd imagine...if not more so. And don't even get me started on their sweet Eleanor. :)

Needless to say, I'm tickled pink to have them for My Better Half. Thank you Josh + Naomi!!

My Better Half - Naomi and Josh-01My Better Half - Naomi and Josh-04

1) Will most likely be seen wearing a tie.
2) Does all the cooking at our house.
3) Would live off of Joe's Pizza in NYC if he could.

1) Sorta likes chocolate...a little bit.
2) Is a Triple Threat entertainer! There are home movies to prove it.
3) Her fun and creative personality regularly elicits hours of nonstop giggles from our toddler! It's amazing to watch...I love her!

We met in NYC while we were both attending school. On our first date, Josh spilt three glasses of water on himself. Despite that, we became best friends, fell in love and were married the following year. We like to laugh a lot, dream up entrepreneurial ideas together and eat good food. We live in Washington DC with our daughter, Eleanor, and english bulldog, Kingsley. This summer we'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage as well as the birth of our new baby boy!

Thank you Josh + Naomi for being a part of My Better Half!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Penny Gray by Amanda Jane Jones 4

This is a logo I designed for the lovely Megan Russell. She is going to launch her new branding soon, but for the time being you can see more of her work here.

More portfolio updates coming soon!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Sorry for the blog silence last week! Thank goodness for My Better Half to keep at least some content coming. We're busy getting ready to launch Volume 3 (proofs pictured) and to send Volume 4 off to the presses among other things....all very exciting!

P.S. I was able to meet Emily Kastner and her husband Dan this weekend for lunch at Zingermans. They came in for a quick Ann Arbor trip, and we're so glad they did! What a fun couple...we love meeting other blogging Michiganders and making new friends.

P.P.S. You can see the new what to wear post I did for Oh Happy Day here.

P.P.P.S. A comment was made a while back that said my blog was hard to read because of the font size. Has anyone else felt this way? Making type small is a habit of mine. :) Thanks for your feedback!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I've known Drew and Elise since my days in school. Drew and I worked together in the design department of the university library where he introduced me to the Fleet Foxes...for which I am forever grateful! Elise and Drew are a pretty dynamic duo. Drew is the voice behind the band Parlor Hawk,  a web developer/graphic designer, and the genius behind this newly released limited edition version of typography scrabble. Elise is a beautiful photographer, a blogger, and a monkey whisperer (one of my favorite of her posts, ha!). Thank you Drew and Elise for being a part of My Better Half!


1) Often speaks in a stream of consciousness—but only in an accent.
2) Collects vintage anything and shoes. The man probably has more shoes than you.
3) Drew is a dreamer.

1) Prefers big forks & little spoons. I did not even know you could have a preference.
2) Enjoys long conversations with self while sleeping.
3) Documentaries make Elise want to "Save The Dolphins."

The first time Elise and I saw each other, she was working at a cafe. I came in with a crowd of people after John Vanderslice insisted that we all meet him for gelato after one of his shows. When I walked in through the door of the cafe, all I could see was Elise, across the room, standing on a chair. Whatever happened beyond that night, to me now is a blur. She's all I can remember.

We later met each other, and coincidentally kept meeting. Soon enough, we were never not meeting each other. After so many times, we quickly became best friends and couldn't stand being without one another. Those that say true love isn't real—they are wrong.

Thank you Drew and Elise for being a part of My Better Half!

Photos taken by Elise Capener.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I met Rubi Jones this past January at Alt Summit. I was lucky enough to get an updo a la Rubi for one of the weekend parties. Made me wish I was her's pretty amazing what she can do with a can of hairspray. I've loved getting to know each of them better as we prepped for this post...such an all around interesting/creative/stylish couple! Thank you Rubi and Stanton for being a part of My Better Half!


1. Can cook one mean Spanish Tortilla
2. Has been known to rip the leather off a couch on the street (after checking it for bed bugs of course)
3. Was once a cardboard photo booth for Halloween

1. Was a unicorn for Halloween one year
2. Takes hour-long showers
3. Wishes she had grey hair

Stanton was the cute guy I smiled at after French class in college, and 7 years later we're now married and living in Paris, France. He works in marketing for a big French company and I am a freelance hairstylist. He always gets these crazy ideas in his head that he just HAS to do, like learning how to make himself leather shoes entirely by hand, or making a desk out of copper pipes and an old tv, or making himself himself a leather satchel out of found leather (which I then decide to make my own). I have a hair blog and mostly just get to play dress up for my job by doing hair for photo shoots and fashion shows. We both design and hand make men's neck ties and accessories under our brand named STNTN and we also have a free photo booth web app called photoboother that turns any photo into a photo strip. We have started a collection of found objects from the streets of Paris including street art, wooden fruit crates, children's figurines and broken Eiffel tower souvenirs, but I promise we're not hoarders.

Thanks Rubi and Stanton for being a part of My Better Half!

Photos by Lauren Cooper

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Our little trip to Long Island is just what we needed...some fresh air, some relaxation, some quality Gallo time and some really great food (thanks to Grandma Gallo!).

PS. I love that last photo...I think Andrew and Cree look like buddies hangin' out after school on the playground...just looking for rocks.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kinfolk Dinner-01

The Brooklyn Kinfolk dinner was a success! Cree and I were so grateful for the opportunity to attend. Everything about the weekend was wonderful...I could go on and on, but I'll keep my gushing to a minimum and just list some highlights: Getting a ride/mini nyc tour from Marty and Andrea of Gentl and Hyers, bunking with Miss Alpha Smoot (pictured below in stripes), a tour of Mast Brothers with Nate + Katie, Leo + Kati, Andrew + Carissa + Rinah and Julie Pointer, meeting soooo many people (too many to list!) at the Kinfolk dinner, Long Island with Grandma Gallo and (of course) hanging out in one of my favorite cities with my best friend.

More details and photos of the weekend to follow!


People have been asking if I designed the type for the menu...And yes! It was me. The illustration was by Anja Mulder and they were all printed by Type A Press.

7023867-r1-e031ny4Kinfolk Dinner-02ny50745747-r1-059-28

Photos by Leo Patrone
My Better Half - Andrew and Carissa-01

It's hard to believe we've only known Andrew and Carissa less than a year. It feels like we've known them a lifetime. We first met by accident while eating at Good Stuff in downtown DC. We got along so well, we hung out at least twice a week until we moved back home three months later. They are dear friends and we miss them everyday.

We just got back from our fun New York weekend where we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with them and their adorable daughter Rinah. I'm tickled to share a bit about them with you today. Thanks Andrew and Carissa for being a part of My Better Half!

My Better Half - Andrew and Carissa-02My Better Half - Andrew and Carissa-03

We are a filmmaker and photographer who live in Arlington, VA with our little treasure of a daughter, Rinah. We've been married for three years, own a little production company, and collaborate on everything we do. We love sitting in candlelight listening to records, and exploring parts of the earth we haven't seen. Also we want Amanda and Cree to move wherever we live, all the time, for the rest of our lives.

1) Is an absolute legend in the kitchen.
2) If she didn't have me, she'd probably be living off in the woods somewhere.
3) Has a thing for old guys: Bob Dylan, CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, Frank Sinatra, her grandpa, etc etc etc.

1) Can play pretty much any instrument he gets his hands on.
2) Loves to collect coffee-making contraptions.
3) Owned his own company at age 11.

Thanks Andrew and Carissa for being a part of My Better Half