Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm so excited to have Alex and Mina from Sending Postcards. I found their blog last spring, and knew they'd be a perfect fit for the feature. In their own words: During the autumn of 2009, we sold our house, quit our jobs, and were married in the sun. We left our life-long home on the prairies of Canada to run away together and see the world. They created a travelogue to document our extended honeymoon—the often mundane, seldom peculiar, and sometimes extraordinary details. After 7 months of continuous travel around AfricaEurope, and the Americas, we bought a home in 'la belle province'. Now, we travel when we can and occasionally document our local "adventures" around MontrealYou'll love their blog!

Thank you Alex and Mina for being a part of My Better Half!

1. Was an extra in a Wes Craven movie.
2. Wants to see the world.
3. Randomly decided to run a full marathon without training for it (finished, just barely).

1. Loves toy Cameras.
2. Would never refuse a sushi date.
3. Is learning to play some of Beethoven's hits.

We met at a Hallowe'en party, while attending the University of Manitoba, but we were both too nervous to ask the other person out. Fortunately, mutual friends arranged a "party" where we were the only guests, and we've been inseparable ever since.

We were married nearly three years ago in Los Angeles and traveled awhile before finally ending up in Montreal.

Thank you Alex and Mina for being a part of My Better Half! A cute outtake after the jump!

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Photographs by Mina + Alex


  1. woo, university of manitoba!
    these two are cute

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  2. I remember seeing their blog just before they traveled the world! So nice to see familiar faces here!

  3. I went to u of m! I still live in manitoba! I love this. Good to see friendly manitobans doing well!

  4. I found their blog a while ago when they were just starting out and I love how it as continued to grow! Their photos are stunning and their love for one another apparent. Definitely a great couple!

  5. Selling their home and traveling the world?! Wow, what an adventure : )

  6. I LOVE them!! Glad they're part of the series.

  7. Their blog is great! Thanks for sharing

  8. I love seeing you feature Canadians, Amanda! x

  9. Wow! I think their blog is my new obsession!

  10. love the bicycle! p.s. great dress mina!

  11. that dress mina is wearing is so cute!! i love it and possibly would love to know where she bought it from :-)

  12. wow what an amazing couple!! and so brave to quit their jobs and travel so much! makes me a little bit jealous! i wish i could do that if i happen to marry :)

  13. so sweet. love her dress and fringe!

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