Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So I don't generally take submissions, but when Shauna of Something's Hiding In Here sent me a link to Dan and Hillary's company Kin Ship, I knew they'd be a perfect fit! Kin Ship is a boutique home goods brand based in Louisville, Kentucky. In their words, Our goods are inspired by starry nights, peeling paint, mountain air, reclaimed keepsakes, labors of love, and early mornings. I love that. View their beautiful goods on their website here, and learn more about this duo through their online journal here.

Thank you so much Dan and Hillary for being a part of My Better Half!

1. Loves romantic comedies.
2. Has been to all 50 states, except Alaska and Hawaii.
2. Goes through a (big) bottle of Sriracha every 2 weeks.

1. Loves mornings.
2. Wanted (still wants) to be a trapeze artist.
3. Has no interest in high heels.

Hillary was working on an issue of Bejeezus, a magazine she sometimes makes. Dan liked said magazine and, on a whim, sent in a drawing of a pirate. Hillary was way into it. They met a few weeks later at an art show at his apartment. They became fast friends, largely because they both like to get stuff done. Hillary calls Dan "Pumpkin." He calls her "Pickle." They are in love.

Thank you so much Dan and Hillary for being a part of My Better Half!

A cute outtake and credits after the jump!

Photographs by Hannah Wilson
Dan's bowtie by Forage


  1. They're such a cute couple! And I love that first photo. Great choice for the series!

  2. I love these two! I met them at a show last year and they are just the sweetest!

  3. These two are so ADORBS!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  4. I've loved Forage for a long time so it's cool to see the wizards behind the curtains are as fun and sweet as their products.

    1. Oh! So sorry for the confusion, this is Hillary and Dan of Kin Ship. Shauna from Forage is a friend of theirs and submitted their names. There are so many links in there, I can see where it would be easy to mix up. :)

  5. So awesome how Sriracha is showing up in groceries everywhere!

    What an adorable couple.

  6. This project is awesome and inspiring!

  7. I find so many good blogs from this feature of yours, I love it!

  8. This may be my favorite feature so far- love the photos!

  9. Hey, I live in Louisville too! I want to be friends with them. Loving their stuff.

  10. Beautiful!!! Love how you went with the leopard pumps!cheap prom dresses