Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I first became acquainted with Angela + Ithyle after they launched this video for the The Girls With Glasses Show. I think I played it probably 18 times in one day...then made the connection that they were the creators of this masterpiece and I secretly labeled myself their biggest fan. I was hooked! They are a directing team based in Los Angeles, California, and their films have been shown worldwide. In their own words: Angela and Ithyle work well together. They like taking pictures and making little films better than they like ice cream and puppies. Which is great because they could never make a living out of eating ice cream with puppies. So true! To see more of their lovely work, click here. And to check out their blog, click here!

UPDATE They just celebrated their first anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary you two!

Thank you Angela & Ithyle for being a part of My Better Half!

1. When he was 10 he made his first film. Horror Genre. He still can't eat Catalina dressing.
2. He lived on a school bus until he was 4.
3. He used to put up his mohawk with egg whites and beer.

1. When she was 10 she had a tree-house, only no tree. (Stilts-house)
2. She has a recurring dream about angry whales.
3. She has the world's largest small scissor collection. (unofficially)

Angela and Ithyle met on a job where she dared him to finish her biscuits and gravy and he said "no". She though, "gee, this is not an individual with whom one can compete in breakfast competitions." She liked that in a person.

Thank you Angela & Ithyle for being a part of My Better Half!

Photographs by Angela + Ithyle


  1. So happy to see another installment of My Better Half.

    My favorites are Ithyle's #2 & Angela's #3.

  2. i need to learn to start rocking red lipstick. she's so adorable!

  3. Love Angela and Ithyle! An amazingly talented and special couple :)

  4. What a talented couple!!! You introduce me to the best blogs :) thank you!!

  5. where were these photographs taken?! simply beautiful!

  6. LOVE these photos! So so cute!

  7. Adorable!
    I love the location of their photo shoot. Very interesting landscape

  8. I love that GWG video! What a gorgeous (and talented) couple.

  9. this is my favorite i think! love you, your blog, and photos. obsessed.