Thursday, September 13, 2012

Colin and Lauren! I met these two in college. Colin and I were in the same design program and we probably all became acquainted at some dance party or something...there was a lot of dancin' going on in college. Colin is a really really talented designer and Lauren is a super stylish, recently graduated English Literature major. They just relocated to Charleston, South Carolina for a job at Fuzzco (Colin's bio here), and Cree and I are just waiting for an opportunity to take a drive south to visit them. They are both so much fun. If you're in Charleston, I highly recommend you look them up.

Thanks for being a part of My Better Half!

1. At any given moment would rather be picnicking in Paris with all her friends.
2. Secretly wishes she were a famous country singer.
3. Flares nostrils when she laughs.

1. First one on the dance floor.
2. Voracious collector of knick-knacks.
3. Is probably barefoot right now.

We met in 2008 through a mutual friend (Regan Johnson) while attending college at BYU. We bonded over our mutual love of bike riding, being vegetarian, and listening to punk rock music, which sparked a two-year romance. We had a hug party (wedding) in July, 2010 to celebrate the end of dating and the beginning of marriage, which continues to be a party. We currently live in Charleston and have big dreams of living in Nashville, Seattle, Austin, New York, and Paris, to name a few. For now we are content exploring Charleston, playing way too many board games (and karaoke), and cooking dinners together.

Thank you Colin and Lauren for being a part of My Better Half!

Photographs by Colin and Lauren Pinager


  1. I love this series!
    These two are just adorable.

  2. colin is my brother and lauren is my sister and he's so cool and so is lauren.

  3. love these two. colin is my bro and lauren is my sis :) great pics!

  4. oh how I love these two!! Lauren looks stunning (as always) ! Ha and you too colin :) They are one fabulous couple

  5. These are the CUTEST photos! Absolutely lovely.

  6. Your collection of My Better Half stories are simply so sweeeeet. Enjoy reading them:)

  7. This brings to memory a certain impromptu dance party in a tiny HFAC hallway lined with lockers during a break in the middle of a 100-level figure drawing class. Of which Colin started, of course! I don't believe we've ever met but I graduated from the BFA in the class of '11. Can we be friends? :)

  8. My goodness she's just beautiful. I loved this one.


  9. I love these! And really, who wouldn't rather be picnicking in Paris with friends? Sounds like heaven to me. :)

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