Friday, July 13, 2012

My Better Half - Megan and Mike-01

Michiganders! I love featuring couples from my state. ;) Megan is a blogger and a graphic designer and one of the founders of Blog Brunch. Mike is an interactive art director. They live in Traverse City, Michigan. (one of my favorite places on earth! truly!) Here is what they say about their life in Michigan: We love the woods, the lake, and the quite life style here. It is a place you have to deliberately go to. When we are not working and dreaming up ideas, we go sailing, hike, garden, and get fancy in the kitchen always trying new recipes.

Thank you Megan and Mike for being a part of My Better Half!

My Better Half - Elle and Jared-02My Better Half - Elle and Jared-03 

1. Spent a year of his young life demanding he wear a cape.
2. Rocks some serious dance moves. Has been known to defend the pride of Texas (his homeland) in dance offs and winning.
3. Has a Texas accent only after having dental work or too many glasses of scotch.

1. Could live on wine and cheese.
2. Believes a blazer can make any outfit business attire.
3. Has mini dance parties to embarrassing pop songs at least once a week. (clearly we both enjoy dancing)

We first met at a visitor's weekend at college. I was working for the admissions office and gave him and his friend a tour. They ended up transerring and the next Fall I ended up as his TA for a design class. He had been at art school in Texas previously and was a little stuck up about not needing the class. He did the minimal amount of work and I did what I could to make sure he didn't get an A instead of a B+.

It was not till our senior year we began dating. We ended up as art directors on two different projects for an upper level studio course. Instead of being competitive, we ended up collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other late into the night in the lab. Not even a few months later we were heading to art museums and hockey games every weekend and soon could not deny we were head over heels in love.

Ending up married to someone who understands you creatively can alter your path in so many ways. We think all the time how different life would have been if not for those late nights in that lab.

Thank you Megan and Mike for being a part of My Better Half!

Cute outtakes and credits after the jump!

My Better Half - Elle and Jared-04

Photography by Weber Photography


  1. What a lovely story. So true about having someone who understands you creatively. It makes the world of difference.

  2. They are so cute! I love this.

  3. I've been interning with Megan all summer, and am super blessed to be able to know these two. They are both so talented and clearly mesh so well together. Thank you for featuring them! :)

  4. I just love these photos. They are so cute!

  5. mike and i had the cape thing in common.. love the fun photos!

  6. They look like such a fun couple. Great story too.

  7. Megan always seems like a barrel of fun, it's not surprising her husband is the exact same. Great feature - I love this series!

  8. So cute, I love this so much!

  9. I love this series, please never stop!

  10. This is a great series! and inspirational for the collection i've been working on myself (and will begin posting tomorrow!) I do hope you dont mind if i link to your column.

    I love how the questions you must have asked (curious to know just what they were) drew out the uniqueness of all these people!

  11. Just wanted to stop over and say that I love this series. It's such an artistic way to feature other artists/couples.

  12. I found my wife while I was at my Traverse City Dentist she was the one who kept cleaning out my teeth during a horrible root canal. I was amazed when she said yes when I asked her on a date while on laughing gas and numb as heck on my mouth. I am sure happy she said yes because now she is my wife to me and my three beautiful kids.

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