Friday, July 6, 2012

My Better Half - Kjrsten and Peter-01

Kjrsten Madsen is such a delightful person. So fun, so sweet, so talented, and one of the cutest moms I've ever met. Cree and I just had the pleasure of spending a week with her and her three beautiful girls in London, and they were without a doubt the highlight of our trip. They were always doing something fun...going on a museum outing, painting, making crafts, cooking together, laughing together...only peaceful and happy feelings in their home.

Kjrsten and Peter have been married for 15 years and have three little girls. Peter is a Global director of Sales and Marketing and Kjrsten is a Mum and works for You can read more about their lovely life in London on her blog.

Thank you Kjrsten and Peter for being a part of My Better Half!

My Better Half - Kjrsten and Peter-03My Better Half - Kjrsten and Peter-02

1. Wants to retire on the beach
2. Doesn't regret Birks with wool socks phase
3. Goes straight to dessert

1. Wants to retire in the mountains
2. Deadliest catch survivor
3. Breakdance alias: Flexi-freeze

Her side of the story: I first saw him on a midnight plane from NYC to Moscow, but fell head over heals in love with him 6 months later at the Black Sea. We went for a walk down by the shore during a warm summer downpour, it was then that I knew my fate was sealed.

His side of the story: She didn't know, not even after I bought her the apple. I knew but couldn't be sure, until we went swimming in the moscow River. I had to convince her, and her father. By the end of the same year we were together forever.

Thank you Kjrsten and Peter for being a part of My Better Half!


  1. ha ha ha one of these days you will need to blog about how you find these backgrounds? i love them all.

  2. tell them come to Australia there are lots of beach and mountains where Tim & Kesh's live. we're moving there.

  3. i'm with luisa, the backgrounds are amazing!!! and by the way, thank you for such lovely couple, i didn't know her work and it's such a lovely blog and photographic work!!!

  4. This might just be my favorite "My Better Half" yet. Their story is absolutely hauntingly beautiful. The way it's written is simple yet SO impactful. As someone who also met my husband overseas - on the very opposite side of the world - stories about finding love in unexpected places like this really get me. Can't wait to check out Kjrsten's blog!

  5. I would just really love hearing the whole love story! Do you know if the couple has shared it anywhere online?
    Gotta love this series btw, just lovely! :)

  6. lovely story, and her skirt/shirt combo are spot on!

  7. Like Natasha said, I think this is one of my favorite "My Better Half" post! They seem like a very cherming couple =) I think this is my first time commenting on your blog, despite the fact that I read it frequently. You are doing a great job around here!

  8. i think the whole birks + wool socks thing is hot.

    these two are great!

  9. What I'd do to be part of My Better Half. Haha! LOVELY!!

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