Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Better Half - Elle and Jared-01

I met Elle this past winter at Alt Summit. She was so kind and genuine, I knew she and her husband would be a perfect fit for a My Better Half feature. She is the owner of Solly Baby and a blogger at where she writes about her life with her husband and two adorable little ones.

Thank you Elle and Jared for being a part of My Better Half! (PS. I love your yellow wall!)

My Better Half - Elle and Jared-02My Better Half - Elle and Jared-03

1. Sponsored snowboarder turned political philosopher.
2. Repeats cliches horribly, hilariously wrong.
3. Our 3 year old girl owns him. I mean owns.

1. Makes our lives beautiful, even on less than a shoestring budget.
2. Has a secret identity, known as Great Aunt Margie, which she only shares with Lucy and Solomon.
3. Obsessed with lists. Wrote a runaway letter as an 8 year old with a detailed list of survival essentials, including a stuffed gorilla.

We fell madly in love on the set of a low-budget, Disney film. Elle was a vampire. Jared was a goblin. (We're still waiting for our check, Stephanie Meyer.) Four months later we were married. Now our days are full of playing dress-up with Lucy, kissing Solomon's many bruises, preparing for law school, running a business during naptime, planning our next move, eating cookies and milk while talking into the wee hours of the morning about politics, bad reality television, and how we are going to change the world. We are blessed.

Thank you Elle and Jared for being a part of My Better Half!

Cute outtakes after the jump!

My Better Half - Elle and Jared-04


  1. What a lovely couple! My husband also gets cliches horribly wrong all the time, it's hilarious (well, to me!). I LOVE Solly baby wraps!! And the yellow wall too.

  2. Two of the coolest people. How fun to see them here.

  3. They're adorable! And, that yellow wall!

  4. oh how i love to read elles blog! so glad to see her featured and here about how they met :)

  5. These guys always seem so rad on their blog! Great photos and facts! :)

  6. Hey Elle, can I have your dress please? Maybe give me your finesse while you're at it. geez. Lovely feature!

  7. I'm so glad I've stumbled upon this blog! Such creativity and design bundled, I'm loving it! <3

  8. Love Elle! So glad to see her a part of this gorgeous and thoughtful series.

  9. All little girls should be the apple of their father's eye.

  10. Love seeing Elle and Jared here! What a beautiful blog, and one of my favorite couples!!