Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Better Half - Katie + Matt-01

I've been a fan of Katie's blog since I started reading blogs. She is a pure delight—a beautiful photographer, an amazing painter, an awesome mom and to top it all off she has the cutest wardrobe you could ever imagine. She and Matt live in Ohio with Max and their soon to be new little girl! Thank you Katie and Matt for being a part of My Better Half!

My Better Half - Katie + Matt-02
My Better Half - Katie + Matt-03

1. Tattoo artist / ordained minister / excessive coffee drinker
2. Has fondness for Kung Fu movies
3. Hasn't had a hair cut in 12 years.

1. Collects red lipsticks and rubber erasers
2. Throws a mean occasion or obscure holiday is safe.
3. Has a voice that goes up an octave when excited or talking to her sisters on the phone.

We met over coffee for business, as a couple of artists, a few years back and haven't gone a day since without being a pair. We're settled in Ohio...working and painting, making a home and raising our little ones, a boy of 7 and a little lady coming in early July!

Together, we love to sneak out for lunch dates, hide out in antique stores, and stay up late watching terrible TV. It has been a real pleasure finding that one person you can be creative with, go to for silly advice about hair or shoes, and argue over song lyrics with. Finding that lone soul that centers you...who you get to dream up big or simple with. We've gotten lucky in that way.

Thank you Matt and Katie for being a part of My Better Half!
PS. Michigan and Ohio are so close, we really need to plan a get together when we get back to the states!


  1. aw this is great! i love their story and katie's blog! this series makes me happy : )

  2. Wow, I'm impressed. Hasn't had a haircut in 12 years!

    Amanda, you have a way of interviewing people. Every time I read this series, I think: these people are the COOLEST! I want to meet them. Good job.

  3. how I love this couple!

  4. Oh I love your "my better half" series!
    When I look at it I always think about the facts which would fit
    to my love and me if we were a part of your series.
    Your work is wonderful!

  5. I love your better half posts so much too! It makes me happy every time I see one is up :)

  6. They are SO adorable! Ahh makes me just want to have a baby right now and become a cute expecting couple.

  7. missed these posts! such great couples featured today. the blogging world is so great!

  8. Great series! Katie and Matt are such an adorable couple!

  9. Katie's Pencil Box is one of my favorite blogs too. I've wondered how long Matt's here is so thanks for letting us know that he's been growing it for years.

  10. What a lovely pair; so true about being able to create and dream together; that's why I love my mister so!

  11. I love My Better Half and I'm so happy to see Katie a part of it!

  12. Just discovered your website thanks to Katie and I love it :) Beautiful photos!

  13. I have absolutely LOVED reading your 'My Better Half' posts! Pure genius! I have also loved reading your blog in general.

    I've also been reading another blog called The Flybird. It is surrounded by a couple who have the biggest free spirits. If you're looking for someone else to put on your posts, I highly recommend them. :)
    There blog link is:

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Hi Joannah, Thank you for the recommendation! Kylie is such a doll. I'll be sure and keep them in mind for the future!! :)

  14. LOVE these two and Katie's blog. I adore this feature.


  15. they are so great!!!! i love them! =)

  16. Absolutely love these two. They deserve all the happiness. <3

  17. Oh, hello. I've just found your lovely blog - what a fun series the better half is. Kellie xx

  18. What a beautiful couple!

  19. i didn't know he was an ordained minister! and i love the arguing over song lyrics bit :) such a sweet couple :)

  20. Hi Amanda, coming over from Katie's blog. I adore her and it was such a treat to learn a little bit more about those two crazy kids! Loving this feature and I look forward to reading more!

  21. I adore Katie and her blog so much!

  22. These two are amazing. Everything about their lives seems very lovely. Even when Katie discusses the not-so-good things that occasionally occur .. she always finds a silver lining or a learning lesson!


  23. Stumbled onto your site through Katie's - I love it!

  24. Amanda,
    Love your blog- the simplicity and the freshness!


  25. The first picture made my heart melt, so cute and sweet!

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