Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Better Half - Brittany + Paul-01

It's day 3, and we have Brittany and Paul Jepsen! Cree and I just spent a week at their cozy home in Copenhagen. Not only did we fall head over heels in love with the city, we fell in love with these two! They are so. much. fun. They are both the sweetest hosts, and to be honest...I don't think we've laughed that hard in months. In fact, I cried once an evening from laughing too hard.

Brittany works from home blogging for The House That Lars Built and guests blogs for a few others. She also makes paper flowers & home accessories for her Etsy shop and designs custom wedding invitations. Paul works in insurance during the day and writes novels at night.

Thank you Brittany and Paul for being a part of My Better Half!

My Better Half - Brittany + Paul-02My Better Half - Brittany + Paul-03

1. Has undiagnosed ADHD resulting in endless amounts of pointing and saying "look at that"
2. Keeps his gargantuan multi-colored sock collection in a huge glass jar.
3. Has cooked 99.999999% of the meals since getting married.

1. Believes the answer to world peace is flowers.
2. Once won first place AND $10 at a disco roller skating contest. It was all in the shimmy.
3. Can be seen around town rolling a bright red, shiny-cased cello named Clifford. You know, the big red cello.

THEIR STORY (as told by Brittany)
Paul and I met at a church function in July 2009 while I was studying textile design in Copenhagen, Denmark where he lived. He admits to racing down the stairs to meet me after I had left the building, which would explain the ever so slight sheen on his forhead. 

Later he took out my two friends and me to Tivoli, the famous amusement park in the center of town. He impressed me with his interests which were unexplainably ever so close to mine. I found out after we were married that he had done his research and found out on Facebook prior to the evening that I played the cello (which would explain why he just "LOVED Yo Yo Ma"), loved Anne of Green Gables ("I love anything with Lucy Maud Montgomery" but he was from Canada, so I figured it was just a national pastime and not weird), and crafted/did artsy things ("I'm really into calligraphy" - which he was). 

After I returned to Washington, DC to finish grad school, we continued dating long distance, got engaged in March, I graduated then moved to CA, then we got married in September 2010 when I moved to Copenhagen to be with Paul. We have been here ever since enjoying the Danish summers and hibernating during the winters.

Thank you Brittany and Paul for being a part of My Better Half!

Photographs by Hilda Grahnat 


  1. Love House that Lars Built!!

  2. Brittany is the best! Hoping to get to meet her other half next week in Copenhagen during Blog'nhagen :)


  3. Love Brittany and love these photos!!

  4. LOVE what you did with the graphics!

  5. Aw, these two are simply adorable!!! :) love that he stalked her via Facebook.... I did that to my man, too! ;)

  6. Such a lovely story! (and I'm completely smitten with that necklace!)

  7. They are adorable!!

  8. Big time fan here!!! I got to know Brit when I was chosen to rework her moms totally 80s wedding dress into a Brittany special! So fun! Very talented chick and the least tan person I've ever seen at the beach! Pauls a nut and a real ripper in the waves!! LOVE these guys!!! kimi @

  9. ahhh i love that he researched her! that is so great that it worked out, otherwise it might be creeeeeeepy!

  10. Two of my all-time favorites.

  11. oh so sweet!! i missed this story, have no idea how! well, it's so interesting because she's the one who looks scandinavian to me! these two have such a sweet story!

  12. I am happy to know the story of how they met!! Seems like a match made in heaven to me...