Wednesday, April 11, 2012

01 Bridal Shower Invite-By Amanda Jane Jones

Check out the new printable I designed for Oh Happy Day. Have you ever been to an around the clock bridal shower? They are so much fun. Also, this is old news, but you can see the latest What to Wear post I did for Oh Happy Day here.

PS. So so busy these days. Counting down the days to Geneva. Still no housing, but we feel like we're getting closer.

**UPDATE: Someone kindly pointed out that I have an 8 where there should be a 9. How embarrassing! I'm the queen of typos. An updated PDF is being uploaded with the correct clocks.


  1. this is so creative and nice. actually it seems our german times here at the office, especially the lunch time when everybody goes for lunch at exactly 12h00. I also see this as a good idea to have on the kitchen with our normal food times.
    I've never been in a clock bridal shower actually, but it must be really fun

  2. So simple yet so fun and creative and colourful and, and... I could go on and on but my bed calls as midnight approaches...! :)

  3. These are darling–I love all the amazing bridal shower themes people have forgotten about!