Friday, March 30, 2012

My Better Half - Celine and Jin Kim-02

Celine Kim is a wedding photographer based in Toronto. She lives there with her husband Jin and their two cats (Mea and Mojo). They are also expecting a new addition to their family very soon! I've loved getting to know them through their beautiful blog. Thank you Celine and Jin for being a part of My Better Half!

My Better Half - Celine and Jin Kim-04My Better Half - Celine and Jin Kim-03

1. Pretends to not like desserts but always eats half of the dish (or more!)
2. Is a huge fan of naps and siesta.
3. Likes getting flowers more than Celine.

1. Full time allergic to Mea and Mojo (their cats) but loves them too much to part with them (never!).
2. Homemade hot chocolate is the current addiction.
3. Is really hoping to go to India this year.

How they met was simple. Celine met Jin on the very first day of a co-op placement at the office Jin worked in at the time. Jin says he saw her coming up the stairs and it was love at first sight. Celine asked him a silly computer question just to talk to him. That happened 8 years ago in February and they have been together ever since.

Thank you Celine and Jin for being a part of My Better Half!

Photos taken by Henry Cheung.


  1. Your illustrations keep getting better & better Amanda :)

    Love reading all these "how they met" stories!

  2. adorable. flowers and hot cocoa and cats.

  3. I agree with janis -- your illustrations are so adorable. :) and their story is just so cute!

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  5. This project is so cute. I love it.


  6. I know these two and let me tell you, they are even more adorable in real life! They just love each other so much, it's the sweetest. Yay Celine & Jin!

  7. Celine and Jin's meeting story is so cute! These two are great!

  8. so adorable.

    AND i'm late the table but the news about this summer is SOOO exciting! for a moment there i thought your big news had something to do with adding a member of the family;)

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