Thursday, June 30, 2011


Went for a walk along the Potomac with friends. I love sunsets by the water. At the end of our stroll, I reached over to grab Cree's hand and quickly realized it wasn't my husband after all! I haven't blushed that badly in a long while. It gave everyone a good laugh.

PS. Suann is offering summer letterpress classes. Sign up while there's still spaces left!

Monday, June 27, 2011

IMG_5164IMG_5110IMG_5160jonse kinfolk 3IMG_5155IMG_5124IMG_5159jonse kinfolk 2 copyIMG_5111IMG_5185

This past weekend we were able to accompany Andrew + Carissa and a gang of their lovely friends on the Kinfolk promo film shoot. It was a magical evening....every time I think about it, I get a big smile on my face.

The days prior to the shoot were full of paint, ball jars, wire and tea lights. It was amazing to see it all come together on Saturday. Without giving too much away, I wanted to post a couple "behind the scenes" shots I took in between the hustle and bustle.

The promo video is planned to come out later this week on I'm eager to see the finished product, and even more eager to share it with you!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Such a fun evening with Andrew and Carissa and Jenne. We went to see E.T. in the park and had a grand ol' time. Carissa took some beautiful photos of the evening and posted them on her blog. Cree and I didn't bring a picnic basket, so we had to be creative.

Also some exciting news...after some long days and nights working on Kinfolk Magazine, it went to press yesterday! Here are some shots Nate took of our edit pages. Yay!

PS. Thank you to Old Brand New for the shout out today. We're a big fan of their work over here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Cree found this for me for eighty cents. It was love at first sight. Can you even stand that cute ruler on the back cover? I most certainly will not be turning this book into a journal like my last thrift store purchases.

PS. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my head scarf! I actually learned how to tie from Angela Hardison. You can find her tutorial here.  It's been a great style for this hot summer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Saturday bike rides through the mall have become our weekend tradition. We have matching helmets and matching backpacks and vintage schwinns. I'm sure people think we're odd, but we think we're cute. I love the second photo. Cree started to laugh when he looked back and saw me wobbling all over the road trying to take a photo of him. I love to make Cree laugh. He opens his mouth wide and leans his head way back and sometimes if I really tickle his funny bone,  he falls over. He makes me feel like the funniest girl in the world.

PS. We had a night of dinner and tennis the other evening with Naomi + Josh and Andrew + Carissa. I sure enjoy them. Naomi is quite the hostess.

Monday, June 20, 2011

IMG_4910Jones walk DC

We went for a walk and had to stop under this beautiful tree. Ten minutes later, it started to rain. I love the way it smells after a good rain.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's HandsWaving to his family!

I love my dad. I think the look on my little baby face says it all. My mom sent me these this morning along with some notes I'd written my dad on Father's day years ago. Some were funny, some sweet, but they all ended with "I love you." I feel so blessed to have the father I have.

The second photo makes my heart ache a bit. I think I was in the seventh grade when my dad graduated with his MBA. He'd taken all evening classes because he worked full-time supporting our little family of five. I tell him this story all the time, but I always just thought he was exceptionally smart...he hardly ever studied! I learned years later that he actually studied quite a lot, he just waited until we were asleep. He wanted to make sure we knew we were his number one priority. I am forever grateful.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


NEW DOMAIN NAME! Feel free to update your readers to

Ever since Cree and I have been married, he has made sure there are fresh flowers on our kitchen table. It makes such a difference in our tiny apartment. This was the first time in a while since I've seen a little bunch as cute as this. I've always called it mimosa, but I think I'm incorrect in my assumption. Does anyone know what the name of this little beauty is?

Nature is pretty amazing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We've been extra busy over here, but we're certainly making time for fun too. It's so nice to have Cree come home without homework to do. We often fill our evenings with walks around the capital, lots of popsicles and the occasional hulu or two. We also had a lovely evening with our new friends. Lots of smiles and giggles and delightful conversation. I love summer!

PS. Our Save Michigan TShirts came from Ambrose. They are pretty fantastic. I highly recommend ordering one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This weekend we went to visit the LDS temple in DC, shown in the photographs above. It's so beautiful! On our way back home, we passed the Washington National Cathedral (which we'd never heard of), so we decided to spend the rest of our afternoon exploring it. Cree loves looking at architecture, and I love to photograph him looking at the architecture. He's a good sport. :)

Jones Washington Cathedral 3IMG_4719IMG_4710IMG_4711Jones Washington CathedralIMG_4694

Monday, June 13, 2011

amanda jones at simplesong

It's another day at Simple Song today. Can I just say how much I love it? No two days are the same. Last week was starched linen and wooden utensils. I'm excited to see what sort of projects we work on this week.

Friday, June 10, 2011

IMG_4448Jones in KCIMG_4432

Bits from home...I took these when we were in Kansas City. I love how my mom styles her home. She loves to keep it simple, but with character. That's something I strive to emulate in each new place I live.

Also, just as a heads up, Nate over at Hearblack announced a project I've had the opportunity to be a part of for a couple months. It's been a joy and an honor. Please take a look!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

jones flowers 2

It was extra hot today...definitely the right day to wear Heidi braids. Anything to keep my hair out of my face and off my neck! Whew!

PS. I just entered to win Jordan's trip to Paris! You should too. I've never been to Europe and I think Paris would make a wonderful first impression.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Saturday was grand. We woke up early, rode bikes through the mall down to Hains Point for our first swim of the season. We wore spf 50, so our pale skin is still pretty pale. We then went to dinner at Good Stuff yummy and isn't the graphic design fantastic? Funny story though, as we went in for our burgers and fries, we ran into Andrew + Carissa. Small world no? I love coincidences. They kindly invited us to join them and their friends to see The Tree of Life. Beautifully filmed, but I'm still a bit puzzled about the plot. I might have to watch it again. Another delightful evening with new friends. I think it's safe to say we kind of love DC.