Friday, April 8, 2011


This photo has nothing to do with today and is a couple months old, but for some reason, I always feel like I need a photo to accompany a post, so here ya go. My great-grandmother's vintage jewelry. They are so much fun to mix and match.

Much has happened since my last glasses came (yay!), my identity was stolen (lame!) and I discovered the kinkos hydraulic paper cutter (hallelujah!). To give you more detail, I love the glasses...accept for the fact that they made me super sick the first day. I wore them all afternoon and by the time I got home I could hardly walk from nausea. Apparently first time glasses wearers need to ease themselves into optometrist forgot to tell me that. That said the moment I put them on, it was like my world suddenly turned HD. Everything is so clear...and I can see so much better. I can see street signs!

Now to my identity. I went to buy a cleaning cloth for my glasses, but my card was declined. I asked the clerk to try again, that it must have been a was declined again. Cree and I immediately went to look up our account. Apparently some little fasionista in Los Angeles, California was having the time of her life with our checking account. We're pretty thrifty people, so to see multiple signed purchases for crazy amounts at "fashion usa" was a little frightening. I started to feel sick, thinking it was because all our money was disappearing, but now I know I was sick because of my glasses....well it was probably both. Thankfully, the bank took care of everything and we won't get charged at all. Whew!  What a blessing. I don't think I'll use anything but paypal ever again.

As for the hydraulic paper cutter at kinkos? Amazing. Perfect cut for only $1.50 a cut and up to 500 sheets of paper. Where has it been all my life? Sayonara exacto knife!!!


  1. 1. Beautiful vintage brooches!
    2. I'm glad that the bank took care of it all for you and Cree.
    3. Happy weekend!
    P.S. My market bike ride was fun but chilly. Mittens on so no photos. Pie was amazing. (Apple crumble!)

  2. Terrible news about the spending spree. Especially since you didn't get any new clothes out of it!
    Happened once to me as well. It is rather terrifying. Enjoy your weekend doll.

  3. I just got glasses too, and I'm still having a hard time remembering to wear them. Glad you got it all sorted out with the bank, that kind of thing stresses me out!

  4. Oh my god the part about the identity was scary! Really glad everything turned out okay, poor thing. Here's wishing you an extra happy weekend to forget all that trauma. Oh and I think it's real swell that you guys are thrifty. Thriftiness is so underrated nowadays =)

  5. I had the same fiasco happen to me about a year ago. It was very unsettling but I was so happy that the bank worked it all out. Have a happy weekend-looks like you have some cute vintage sparkles to cheer you up!

  6. when you said your identity was stolen, i got so sad and worried for you! my social security number was stolen and it took years to try and iron it out... was a complete nightmare. so i'm glad just your credit card # was stolen - not that it makes it any less scary, but atleast it wasn't more serious! glad you got it worked out.

    i discovered the hydraulic paper cutter in college after a whole semester spent trimming books meticulously with my x-acto. why don't they tell us these things?!

  7. identity theft always seems like such a far off thing. like it could never really happen to you. good grief. what a relief you have a caring bank!

    p.s. your great grandmother, and you, have great taste!

  8. I didn't know that about first time glasses wearers. Good to know! Your great-grandmother's jewelry is gorgeous!

  9. Amazing jewelry but totally lame with the stolen identity!
    Glad you got all your money back and have a happy weekend :)

  10. man that sucks about someone stealing your card. at least the bank sorted everything out but it still sounds stressful.

    and those brooches are gorgeous, i just love that sort of jewellery!

  11. Oh man, Angela...I feel silly for being so dramatic over a debit card....a stolen social security number is much worse! I'm glad it's all figured out now!