Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is another project I recently designed at work. The exhibit was for David Chung's, Pyongyang. He is a local artist that was born in North Korea, hence the exhibit title. The exhibit itself is to be a sort of surreal, juxtaposition of "symbols and impressions" of Chung's experience in Pyongyang. Funny story though....when I began creating the piece, I was really drawn to a photograph provided to me of "the great leader." To emit the feeling of juxtaposition, I cropped the photo and rotated it on it's side (just like the other images in the piece shown above.) When David saw the piece for the first time, he was a bit shocked. Apparently you are punished in North Korea for using an image of Kim II Sung in any cropped position of any sort. Whoops! He took a couple days to think about it and then felt much better when I sent a new draft with the Korean Worker Statue substituted in its place. So now the piece is printed and no one is being punished, which is always a sign of a job well done in my book!

This experience also made me so grateful to live in America. Living in a democratic country is something I most definitely take for granted...


  1. Job well done indeed! Gorgeous design as always!

  2. this is amazing. loove your eye for typography x

  3. Nice and clean design. I like it!

  4. Lovely work as usual. You have been BUSY!

  5. Love the design.

    I agree with your feeling about North Korea.
    I've been to the DMZ and it is weird.
    Guards watch from across the border and things can feel quite tense. I don't presume to know what North Korea is really like inside but I am appreciative of my own fortune of living in Canada.