Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Found these this weekend after a little afternoon stroll. I love the itty bitty one. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Many of you know Cree and I teach early morning seminary. This means we get up at 4:30 each morning to go teach a sleepy group of teenagers. It has been such a wonderful experience...really difficult at times, but more often than not, a blessing. This morning we began teaching about the early pioneers. Whenever I learn of the sacrifices the they made, it makes my heart entirely full of gratitude.

PS. Two weeks from Saturday and we'll be in DC! We're both aching to go.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thank you for all your anniversary well wishes! And yes, my dress was fact it was my grandmothers! It was so special (and economical!) to be able to wear her dress. Cree has his first final this morning, so we opted to save our celebrating until tonight. That said, Cree picked me up from work last night with surprise anniversary ranunculus (our wedding flower). He is so thoughtful....I felt badly though, because I was sticking to our plan to save the celebrations until today. I'll have to remember that for next year. ooops.

The blueberry muffins are from Easter....I'm not much of a baker, but this is a favorite family recipe that is pretty fool proof. Tons of sugar and butter. We made them for breakfast and then had a mexican Easter dinner. When we were planning our meals for the week, Mexican sounded delicious. It was so good, that we might just make it a tradition.

PS. The new Fleet Foxes album is up on NPR. True to form, it is amazing.

PPS. Thanks Becca for the heads up about the Creative Inspiration shout out for our christmas card. I have since taken new photographs that look much better. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

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Today is our anniversary! We've never been happier, and I'm ever grateful we have one another. Last night we did the whole, "Two years ago today....." thing. It's fun to cheesy as it sounds, I think our adoration grows by the minute. :) Can't wait to see what 50 years feels like!

Robb Costello (Cree's long time friend) took these. We adore are treasure them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Got a letter from Jaime! Canadian stamps are much classier than American stamps.

My goodness, it has been a busy week. I'm excited for Easter and am looking forward to the little break. Also, I LOVE this. So much.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Whew, the weekend is a blur. The craft fair was a success. Like usual, I'm always amazed at the talent we've got in our little neck of the woods. These refurbished book journals were a hit at the fair. They were the only new addition to my "shop." I had more available, but these were just some of my favorites. I love hearing who the buyer bought the journals for. The Youth, Love, and Marriage journal was bought for a young gal who is about to get married in Germany. Timothy's People was a gift for a husband named Timothy...imagine that. :) True and Faithful was bought for a father's day gift, and The Challenge was bought for personal use....the title seemed quite appropriate for a journal. I often find keeping a steady journal most challenging. :)

The Michigan print was also another success. I had a couple people approach me to do wholesale. Have any of you crafters out there ever ventured into that realm of business? I certainly have not. Any tips, pros, or cons would be most welcome.

PS. It snowed this morning. Spring seems to be flirting with me. I wish it would just commit already.

PPS. Jaime received my profile card in the mail. Pen pals are so much fun. Also those of you who recognize that profile card? Yes, we did use them as our wedding thank yous and yes, I did print way too many, and yes, I imagine we'll be using them as notecards until we're fifty. Let's hope our profiles stay remotely the same as we age. (If anyone else wants a pen pal, Jaime's your gal!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm participating in the Ferndale Craft Revival this weekend. I've got a couple new things to add to the shop which I have yet to photograph, but I'll show them soon. :) Prepping for craft fairs is always so stressful and I spend the whole week prior thinking, "Why on earth did I sign up for this?!?" But then I go and meet tons of great people, see inspiring craft, sell lots of stuff and then think..."Oh right, this is why I do it." I tend to forget all the work that goes into them from fair to fair. :) Life is funny like that. Anywho, I'm all ready now, so I'm in the excited phase and if you're in the area, you should stop by!

Also thanks for all your great married matching stories. I'm glad to know we're not alone!

For now, I'll leave you with some fun links from the week. I LOVED Tanya's and Jaime's (my new penpal!) Pop-up shop this week....everything sold so fast, I believe they are contemplating doing another round....but that might just be wishful thinking. I've also loved Angela's new thrifting finds...I also found (via Abbi--thanks again!) a rad Ann Arbor blogger (they are few and far between!) who's blog I love! It's called Hooray and you should check it out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The longer Cree and I are married, the more we dress alike. Anyone else? I think we are totally going to be the couple that dresses their whole family in matching clothes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Website update! Feel free to check it out.

PS. We saw Jane Eyre on Friday and LOVED it. We haven't seen a movie in theaters since December, so it was a real treat.

PPS. It reached 80 degrees yesterday! Woot!

Friday, April 8, 2011


This photo has nothing to do with today and is a couple months old, but for some reason, I always feel like I need a photo to accompany a post, so here ya go. My great-grandmother's vintage jewelry. They are so much fun to mix and match.

Much has happened since my last glasses came (yay!), my identity was stolen (lame!) and I discovered the kinkos hydraulic paper cutter (hallelujah!). To give you more detail, I love the glasses...accept for the fact that they made me super sick the first day. I wore them all afternoon and by the time I got home I could hardly walk from nausea. Apparently first time glasses wearers need to ease themselves into optometrist forgot to tell me that. That said the moment I put them on, it was like my world suddenly turned HD. Everything is so clear...and I can see so much better. I can see street signs!

Now to my identity. I went to buy a cleaning cloth for my glasses, but my card was declined. I asked the clerk to try again, that it must have been a was declined again. Cree and I immediately went to look up our account. Apparently some little fasionista in Los Angeles, California was having the time of her life with our checking account. We're pretty thrifty people, so to see multiple signed purchases for crazy amounts at "fashion usa" was a little frightening. I started to feel sick, thinking it was because all our money was disappearing, but now I know I was sick because of my glasses....well it was probably both. Thankfully, the bank took care of everything and we won't get charged at all. Whew!  What a blessing. I don't think I'll use anything but paypal ever again.

As for the hydraulic paper cutter at kinkos? Amazing. Perfect cut for only $1.50 a cut and up to 500 sheets of paper. Where has it been all my life? Sayonara exacto knife!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is another project I recently designed at work. The exhibit was for David Chung's, Pyongyang. He is a local artist that was born in North Korea, hence the exhibit title. The exhibit itself is to be a sort of surreal, juxtaposition of "symbols and impressions" of Chung's experience in Pyongyang. Funny story though....when I began creating the piece, I was really drawn to a photograph provided to me of "the great leader." To emit the feeling of juxtaposition, I cropped the photo and rotated it on it's side (just like the other images in the piece shown above.) When David saw the piece for the first time, he was a bit shocked. Apparently you are punished in North Korea for using an image of Kim II Sung in any cropped position of any sort. Whoops! He took a couple days to think about it and then felt much better when I sent a new draft with the Korean Worker Statue substituted in its place. So now the piece is printed and no one is being punished, which is always a sign of a job well done in my book!

This experience also made me so grateful to live in America. Living in a democratic country is something I most definitely take for granted...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I took some time this weekend to photograph some new projects I designed at work. I've already posted about the cookbook, but I thought I'd share some interior shots as well.

PS. One of my old roommates Brittany sent me this link. I've been using it for a few month's now and adore it. Free music downloads every day! Woot!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello Monday. Went for a little walk this weekend. It was still about 40 degrees, but I'm pretending it's warmer by not wearing socks.

Cree and I had a lovely weekend. We watched conference. I always feel so rejuvenated after conference weekend, so I'm sad it's come to a close....especially because we have such a busy week ahead of us. Such is this time of year.

PS. Jane Eyre came to the Michigan Theater!! Woot! Also, The King's Speech is here playing for the PG-13 audience. Even bigger woot!! I want to see both.