Thursday, March 10, 2011

IMG_2623IMG_2614IMG_2626jones chicago beanIMG_2622

The bean was so much fun. We took way too many photos. Across from Milennium park is the Chicago Cultural Center. They had art exhibits for free!  Currently they are showing Chicago and the Diana which was a whole bunch of Diana contact sheets that were really fascinating. We want to try it out ourselves. Also on exhibit was a show called Finding Vivian Maier. Oh. My. Goodness. Her photos were incredible....AND she took them all with her little rolleiflex like ours! Needless to say, we were incredibly inspired. Her photographs were funny, heartbreaking and beautiful. I wish I could see them again.

IMG_2629IMG_2630jones chicago exhibitIMG_2633

More on Chicago tomorrow. Today I have my first eye appointment. I've never had a real eye exam before and I'm a bit nervous.

I have thought my camera was broken since last November. All of my photos looked blurry in the camera, but when I'd develop/upload them, everything was in focus. I figured it was just my viewfinder having trouble. A couple weeks ago, I had something that was irritating my right eye, so I used my left eye to was clear as a bell! Can you believe that? I never even thought the problem could be my eyes. Silly me.


  1. I don't know why, but in that second photo, Cree looked a lot like Chandler Bing to me! haha!

    Sounds like such a swell time by the bean. Dang, I have to get to Chicago!

    Good luck with your eye exam! They are always a bit scary, but hopefully it goes well!

    ps.I checked out your invites - so lovely!

  2. hey amanda! i totally remember you from class(es). your valentine to cree is super cool. i've always wanted to try doing that.

    what are you guys doing in ann arbor?

  3. also, which hannah do you mean?

  4. We are in Ann Arbor for Cree's school. He is getting a joint degree in Law and Public Policy. It's a four year program and we're at year two. :)

    Hannah Hamill...and I just realized that I misread her e-mail and explained it in yet another comment on your blog. Jeez louise. silly me.

  5. the Bean!

    The black & white's are gorgeous - sharp and quiet.

  6. haha. i figured you meant hannah hamill, but i just wanted to make sure. yeah, i'm friends with her and christina kim.

    glad we are now blog friends though. :)

  7. Vivian's story is really amazing as well... can you believe all the rolls and rolls that never saw the light of day until after her passing?

    I wish I could go to that exhibit!follow this blog instead

  8. i love seeing my name pop up in comment conversations. hi everyone. :)

    i really like that first picture—for how many pictures of the bean i've seen (rhymey) that one is a new angle that i haven't seen before! really great.

  9. i love the bean. so fun to pictures at.

  10. The bean looks awesome and so are your photos. Good luck with the eye exam!
    Natasha xo

  11. i wish i could have attended these exhibitions - although it's nice to live vicariously through your words and images.

    i hope your appointment with the eye doctor goes ok!

  12. I didn't read your whole caption, but recognized the photo!!! I'm so jealous you saw the Vivian Maier show! too cool. Hope your eyes feel better with cute glasses on them!