Thursday, February 24, 2011

These are the polaroids from our spontaneous trip to Niagara Falls last September. We'd been visiting family in Syracuse and decided to leave extra early in the morning and make a pit stop at Niagara Falls. Neither of us had showered and I believe this was taken at about 7 am, so don't judge our sleepy eyes and messy hair.

Speaking of polaroids, because the film is so hard to come by now, Cree and I have been seriously considering getting a Fuji Instax. Does anyone have one? If yes, do you like it? Is it worth it? I love, love, LOVE my polaroid and I'm so sad it's little life is over. That said, I feel like it's time to move on to another. I know my polaroid would want me too.

Another question I'd like to pose for you all...Cree and I are taking a trip next week!! It is his spring break, so we've decided to go to Chicago. We've never been there for more than an evening, so we are ticked we get to spend the whole weekend. We want all and any, shopping, museums, name it. We get a kick out of just about everything.  I'm so excited!

PS. Thank you Alexis and Tanya for the shout outs!


  1. hey amanda, beautiful blog! can't wait to follow more. love your GD and Letter Press work. i found your site via Jaime.

    i too miss the polaroid...i keep hoping that the film will come back...have you ever looked into this site:

    Apparently they are producing new instant film for classic polaroids...but I have never tried it.

    all the best!

  2. I've got the Instax mini but rarely ever use it just because the film is a bit pricey. Only three light settings but I suppose that's the charm!

    I've never been to Chicago - so can't recommend anything. It sounds like you and the Mr. are going to have a blast there no matter what!

  3. I'm new to the blog here but I love it! These shots of Niagara Falls are beautiful! The first one of the two of you is perfect; you both are so happy. I'll actually be there this weekend so you're pictures are aptly timed for me! You've got me even more excited.
    Although I don't know about the instax, I recently tried out some of the film from the impossible project. Its worth trying out!
    Have a lovely vacation in Chicago; such a wonderful city.

  4. We're still using our stash of Polaroid 600 film. We bought a few boxes of film from the Impossible shop in NY. Haven't tried it yet. It seems unpredictable but that's kinda the beauty of instant film.

    Have a fantastic time in Chicago!

  5. Hi Amanda! I bought a SX-70 2 years and have only shot one pack of polaroids since. It's sad that I can't use it more often. I just bought some Impossible project Film,but haven't tested them out yet. I have an Instax mini, but I rarely use it, so far I only used it for portraits and it works pretty well. We recently bought the Instax Wide as an engagement gift for friends, and they love it! The lens is so wide for an instant camera, and the photos are bigger than Polaroid 600 film. The only thing is..the camera is huge!! Definitely not something you can easily carry around.

    Anyway, I think you should give the impossible project a try first!

  6. Awesome photos. I do like using the mini and normal size Fuji film for my polaroid mio and Fuji instax camera. It's not quite the same as my polaroid spectra days, but it's a good alternative. I think you'd like it for sure!

    I hope you two have a great time in Chicago!

  7. Hey Amanda!! Jason and I spent a few days in Chicago last year, (well it was more like an evening and a day). We took a tour of the city which was fun and educational, but we didn't get to go inside as many places as we wished. I would suggest spending as much time as you can in the museum district. The Chicago Institute of Art is another place I would go--we went inside, but didn't walk through the entire thing because of time. Of course you have to go up in the Sears tower and stand in the little glass box-- plus the views from up there are amazing. My other favorites were shopping, going out on the pier, and the American Girl store.

  8. My goodness, thank you for all the wonderful feedback! I've never heard of impossible...must do!

  9. I bet you didn't know I relocated to Ann Arbor from Chicago this year!

    I lived on the South Side in Hyde Park and didn't explore the rest of the city nearly as much as I should have. But I have some suggestions.

    I love Renegade Handmade in Wicker Park. That whole neighborhood is one of the best in the city to explore on foot.

    I recently went to the Needle Shop, and they have amazing fabrics! (Not the most exciting neighborhood though.)

    The only midwest CB2 location is in Chicago and is within walking distance from Design Within Reach. I've never been to DWR, but I've heard it's in an old brownstone and feels like you're exploring the home of someone with really good taste in furniture.

    This is not an exciting suggestion, but I always stock up on printmaking supplies at the Blick downtown or the one in Lincoln park (which is right by DWR).

    As for bars, two of my favorites are The Map Room (a ridiculous number of beers on tap) and Goose Island (Chicago microbrewery with fantastic food). I just asked my sister who lives in Lincoln Park for bar suggestions and she said to add Alive One (on Halsted) and Uncommon Ground (in Wrigleyville).

    I hope you and Cree have fun on your trip. Let me know what you guys end up doing!

  10. sarah, what great chicago ideas! I had no idea you relocated from chicago. Man o man....I'm even more excited now. We don't leave until next thursday...I don't know if I can wait that long. What a wonderful list. Thank you!

  11. pretty polaroids! when we went to niagara falls it was frozen and freezing. i lived in chicago for a summer, but it was years ago, and i don't really remember much... but have a wonderful trip!

  12. I have the fuji instax mini and i really enjoy using it. i think it works best outdoors. it certainly isnt the same quality as Polaroid but you can get some lovely shots.

  13. i have a polaroid camera that i bought for like 5 bucks on ebay a few years ago but have never used it because i don't know where to get film. maybe i should get a fuji instax...