Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So this is an old photo, but we did decide to get another type calendar this year. I got last year's for free when I attended the Detroit Paper Fair . I wasn't planning on getting 2011's....they are sorta pricey for a calendar, but December came around and Cree (yes, Cree! not me!) started to get all melancholy about not having a new font to enjoy each month. So we splurged. This months is Giorgio Sans and I kind of love it. My other font crave at the moment is Bodoni Egyptian Pro. Sigh...

Also...just to brag about my husband for a moment. Cree got a fantastic research position with Michael Barr who just recently returned to the University of Michigan from a two year term working with the Obama administration as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. He'll be doing research very similar to what he was doing in the Philippines which is perfect. Lots of finance regulation research. We went out for Sushi to celebrate. Hooray!

Ps. It is so cold, my feet feel like ice cubes and the snow in our yard comes past my knees. The weatherman says it will be forty degrees on Sunday. Another Hooray!


  1. We had last year's... a gift from Mark & Julie from the Lab.. and we loved it!!!! I miss it!

    The best was when I forgot to change the months, and then Drew would see it and say something about the font.

  2. Fantastic news about Cree! It seems just up his alley. Tell him congrats. Does this mean you'll be staying in ann arbor a little longer this summer?

  3. What an awesome calendar! Would love the get my hands on one...

  4. yes! that does mean that we'll be in Ann Arbor. woot woot! It will be nice to be here when it's nice weather. it's always cold and yucky otherwise. :)