Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, after the lovely designworklife post, I was contacted by a Holland, MI based company named Ambrose. To quote their website, "Ambrose is a collective of artists, designers, printmakers and poets dedicated to using out talent for good. By day, we’re a design and screen printing studio. By night, we’re rebel educators helping students explore, understand, and create the shared world. We coordinate a three tiered continuum for high school students exploring creative problem solving, communication, design and entrepreneurship. We are striving to build a scalable and sustainable model for building creative confidence in youth."

After exploring their website and learning all about what they do, I fell in love with the program they've created and found myself completely inspired by husband and wife team Jenna and Adam Weiler. I wish there would have been something like this when I was in high school. 

They expressed interest in using my Save Michigan, Buy Local print for their new t-shirt business venture, and I (of course!) jumped at the chance. Their vision is to eventually create a t-shirt a month type situation to help provide ongoing support and funds to run the program, but in the meantime are creating a new website with 8-10 artist t-shirts to basically kick off the new shop.  Some of the previously featured artists have been You&I Josh Boston, Just Lucky, and Jason Rood. To say the least, I feel honored to be a part of this wonderful program. 

Explore their'll be glad you did. Promise!


  1. That is pretty awesome. Bet you never thought that print would end up on a t-shirt!

  2. amazing and completely expected. congratulations!

  3. This is great, congrats!!! xx