Monday, January 17, 2011


We got mail! The top was from an adorable friend we made last year in Ann Arbor. She is now based in California, so we've taken to corresponding by snail mail. Cree and I loved her stationary and I think I've been inspired to get our our old retro typewriter. The next two are from Tanya at Snap + Tumble! We were tickled pink to receive her Christmas card this year and a cute carte card. Can you hardly stand the map envelope? And that eraser stamp?!?

Mail is so much fun.


  1. Oh, that stationery with the crest is so lovely.

    thanks for the sweet words! snail mail inspires me to no end, i was more than happy to send some your way!

  2. so cute! I am dying to rev up my typewriter now and send out a few letters myself....

  3. That is seriously fun mail to receive!

  4. getting mail is the BEST. it seriously makes my day!!

  5. The letter is way too adorable. I used to own an electronic one, not half as cool as a vintage one, of course!

    Snail mail is so fun :D