Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year!!! I'm bummed vacation is over. I only had to work one day last it's back to the five day work week. I've so enjoyed my break. Sigh...

We had a wonderful New Years...we went out for a fancy shmancy dinner and then came home to watch a movie and fell asleep before eleven. I'm sure that sounds boring, but we thought it was perfect. New Years day we cleaned our house and took down Christmas...which always feels so good to me. We were glad to start off the year with a deep clean. Then we had a lazy afternoon of popcorn and a movie (Dr. Zhivago), had a read-in (We are both reading a Dave Eggars book...What is the What and Zeitoun...and we're both thoroughly enjoying them), and then played a round of Careers.  I won. Love it when that happens, because it rarely does. :)

These photos are from a walk we took around downtown Burley, Idaho. I love all the old signs.


  1. great signage!
    Glad you had a wonderful vacation.
    Hope you have a productive and exciting new year.

  2. Burley, Idaho-I imagine I would really like that place.
    We did a puzzle on New Years and listened to Harry Potter on audiobook. It was amazing.

    By the by I LOVE the christmas card from you two! Matt and I were so pleased to hang it on our fridge-glad to have made friends with such fine people.

  3. These are great photos, I love old signs too! Oh Dr. Zhivago, sooo good! Happy new year to you! Natasha xo

  4. love all the typography. happy new year!

  5. Glad to finally see a good photo of that 610 bar, and heartbroken I didn't take one before they painted it! It used to be a really awful red and minty turquoise. So tacky and so great.