Monday, July 26, 2010

More awesome type. I'm serious about wanting to take a sign painting class. If anyone knows of know who to call.

Cree found this for me. Scared me half to death.

We spent Saturday kayaking on a lake with a steaming volcano in the background. Crazy no? We had so much fun. Often we'd just sit in the rowing, just chatting with each other as we floated wherever the wind wanted to take us...listening to the tropical birds.

It was one of the days where at then end of it you sigh and say, "What a good day."

It was our last Sunday in our little branch. They asked us each to speak in Sacrament meeting and then Cree played piano for the hymns. We both felt melancholy as we said goodbye. We've loved getting to know everyone. We felt welcomed by so many and loved having a few of the families over to our home for family home evening. The little boys we took photos with were our favorites. John Roe, the little guy next to me blew me a kiss good-bye last week. I was pretty tickled.

Side that rainy season has begun, it gets more and more humid. Our camera instantly fogs up and many of our photos turn out all wishy-washy. Does anyone know how to fix this?? It is driving me Crazy....with a capital C.

Friday night was the ward talent show/game night. Needless to say it was a real treat. The primary kids had practiced and practiced a dance routine to some popular pop tune about broken hearts and wasted time. It made us beam with pride...and they weren't even our kids. If only I would have had our video camera...

Cree took some photos of work for his WDI blog, so I thought I'd share them too. This is where most of our days are spent. Monday through Saturday. You'll see a photo of Cree working...then me working. Well, generally we are sitting side by side. We share a cubicle. How perfect is that? In Ann Arbor, we always joke that he should just set up next to me at work. It's been fun to be with each other so much. As the internship comes to an end, I think Cree is slightly melancholy. It has been an awesome experience that has helped him formulate an idea of what he eventually wants to do with all this schooling/experience. His professor sent a glowing e-mail expressing how much he appreciated Cree's help and wrote about how great he has been doing. There were lots of exclamation marks involved. My buttons were bursting.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yay! We finally found our Sorsogon souvenir. A nifty lunch pail! They don't have a lot of native crafts here besides shell necklaces or woven hats. Those didn't really suit us. A door to door salesman came by with a whole sack of kitchen gems. It was only 150 pesos, so about 3-4ish dollars. The three containers fit snuggly together to keep your food safe and then when lunch time rolls around we just pull out our forks, unbuckle our lunch pail and eat! I am tickled pink every time we use it.

We finished Anna Karenina on Sunday. We loved it. I knew nothing of the story, accept that it was long. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we both found it very interesting, captivating and enjoyable. It is fun reading books with Cree. It almost makes them more gratifying because we get caught up in the story and talk about it over our lunch break. It's more fun reading when you get to enjoy it with someone. Our next book is Jack Karouac's Big Sur. Big Sur was our favorite stop on our honeymoon, so we thought it was only right that we read it together. On a side note, does anyone know why the book is called Anna Karenina when the character in the book is Anna Karenin? Bothered me the whole time.

Last week I finished Atonement and then this morning I finished At Home in Mitford. Mitford was recommended to me by my mama, my grandmother and my nana. I must admit, it took me about 100 pages to get into it, but once I did I enjoyed the story. It was cute, sweet and of the those warm fuzzy books that makes you smile while you read. It even made me want a dog...and I'm not really a dog person.

Rainy season began a few weeks ago. We've even been hit by our first typhoon! You'd think we would have water...but we don't. We are quite positive (after some detective work) that our neighbor has been blocking our water. She was frustrated when we couldn't afford to hire her to wash anymore, so we suppose this is her non-verbal way of getting back.

That said, we've been toting quite a bit of water. We buy purified water to drink and then use the jugs to tote water from the well. We each use about a bucket to shower and then dishes usually take another bucket per meal. The killer is laundry. As you can see it generally takes about 15 jugs of water. At first I could barely carry two jugs from the well to our yard. I'm proud to report I now can tote up to four jugs with ease.

For a girl who almost failed summer gym because she couldn't do a push-up...this is a big deal.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I was so thrilled when I saw this photo on the Handmade Detroit blog. We didn't think to get a photo of the two of us that day. We have one now! It seems so long ago, but in reality it was smack dab in the middle of finals and a week before our move to the Philippines.

Friday, July 9, 2010

This has turned into our most frequented beach. People have started to recognize us, so the hollers and whistles have subsided for the most part. My favorite is to sit with my eyes closed and listen to the dry palm leaves rustling in the wind. They sound just like rain.

We visited again last week during fiesta. We pulled out our towels and started reading Anna Karenina. Within minutes we had a little group of boys sitting around us listening to the story. I doubt they understood much, but I was none the less tickled by it.

Before Cree and I left Ann Arbor, we met a man who makes beautiful woodblock prints. He gave us a quick lesson and then made us swear we'd come back to visit him upon our return. Apparently the blocks he has will work on a letterpress as well....sounds delightful don't you think?

I've been using some of my free time to do a little letterpress/woodblock/design brainstorming. I'll be excited to see how they all turn out and I've decided that this book is now also on my wish list.

PS. I love it that Cree enjoys this stuff too. Remember when he was my all star letterpress assistant both here and here? How did I get so lucky....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We only brought two games to the Philippines...Skip Bo and Take Two. I think we've played at least one game a day (usually while our rice is cooking). Cree asked me when he thought we'd play either game upon our return to Ann Arbor....we suspect we'll need a little break.

We are on the downward slope. We have three weeks left of work in Sorsogon and then we are taking the last week to travel up through Cree's mission. There are days where I feel melancholy about leaving and days where I can't wait (usually the days I am washing our clothes).

Being here has made me so grateful for my friends and family. I've loved our time here, but it's been difficult sometimes because I can't really converse with anyone. I've tried, but most people get nervous speaking english, talking to an American or just don't know english. In addition, my tagolog usually makes people giggle. I don't blame them. Currently we are the only Americans living in Sorsogon that we know of, so having such supportive friends and family (you know who you are) who have been so sweet with the frequent updates and video chats has been such a delight. There are days where it made my heart hurt thinking of how much time and effort it takes to be a "pen pal," but the updates keep coming and we LOVE it. We hope some day we can do the same for you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!! It sure didn't feel like the Fourth over here. We went to church then came home to make chicken currie. It was pretty good, but it wasn't the usual watermelon, bbq, homemade ice cream kinda good. While we ate, we reminisced about past 4th of July Celebrations....last year we were in Philly with friends, the year before I was in Rhode Island. We brainstormed ways to make us feel more festive, so we sang the classics: America and the national anthem...but it didn't quite do it for us. It was then that I had the brilliant idea to make homemade fireworks. Now, I'm not usually sarcastic, but that italicized brilliant was meant to be read very sarcastically.

We looked into buying some fireworks earlier in the week, but they were way out of our weekly market budget...hence the paper confetti fireworks! The whole thing turned into a hot, silly mess. That said, we giggled a lot and had a good time (Granted, I always have a fun time with Cree...even if we are doing dishes). I love how the photos of Cree came out...mine on the other hand...Well, let's just say I don't think I did a very good job of transferring the "firework vision" I had in my head. Mine look a little like I just spit something up. It will make for a fun 4th of July memory.