Friday, December 3, 2010

I've started using Simple Blueprints monthly desktop wallpapers and I love them. They are like a little present every month.  Makes me wish I knew how to watercolor.

Also, tomorrow is the Detroit Craft Fair. I'm bummed out because Cree has too much homework to accompany me. He was the perfect companion at the last fair...he handled all the talking and always knew the right thing to say....It was also a plus to have my best friend sitting by my side the whole live long day.  That said, I'm still excited. I have lots of new additions...when life calms down I'll post some. For now, here is a song I've been listening to all week. 


  1. have a great time at the show and good luck!

  2. This is so festive and neat! I hope you have good time at the show!