Monday, December 6, 2010


The Handmade Detroit Craft Fair was this weekend and it was a blast. My photos are blurry...I know. I was lone woman (Cree had too much homework), so I stayed pretty glued to my table and didn't take the time to take any nice photos! I'm irritated at myself now. I'm even more upset, because I made 6 refurbished journals out of vintage books and sold all but two and guess who forgot to photograph those? Me. I'm heart sick about it. They were beautiful. It made me a little sad to sell them...especially the vintage book about trees. I'm sure I'll find more books to use soon that I love just as much. I'll have to remember to take photos next time.

The Michigan print was most definitely a favorite of the day. We sold more than we ever have, I know that's not saying much since I'm new at this, but I still find it satisfying. I was set up by International Robot. Dylan and Helen were super nice and they are from Ann Arbor! Yay! I also bought a print by Nicole Ray. I can't wait to frame it. I was bummed that I couldn't participate in the Sunday festivities, but I know it was good that I tended to my church responsibilities.

All in all, a good day. Now I feel like I can focus on Christmas. We get our tree tonight! Woohoo! It's also snowing again today. Perfect! I'm also a bit behind on that Christmas card I promised...I need to get on that. 


  1. I'm glad it went well! congrats!

  2. What a cute set up you have! I love those colored crates and I am sure I would have snagged one of those refurbished journals. (and then sent you a pic of it, of course!)

  3. i love what you used to cover your table...vintage table cloths? glad to see that the show went well (despite the forgotten photos, I'm sure the refurbished journals went to loving homes!).

  4. wow! What a great event we missed. Just so you know if another event comes around we would love to help out the "lone woman" at the booth - that is my kind of fun too!

    I happy about your success there