Monday, December 20, 2010


Cree and I love walking to the bank during our lunch on payday. It's become a bit of a tradition. It is always one of my favorites because we get to window shop on the way. Ann Arbor businesses seem to hire the same window painter every year at the holidays. He does all sorts of lovely little paintings....sometimes in very unexpected places. I've only seen him in action a couple times, and each time I was sans camera. Photos of his little creations will have to do him justice for the time being.

PS. I've been assembling our Christmas cards this weekend. I was starting to get frustrated that I even decided to send out Christmas cards this year when Cree said, "I feel like you are a bit tense today." To which I snapped, "I'm not tense!" Then we both burst out laughing, because my response was dripping in tense. My hair even looked tense. I'm glad I have Cree for forever. He always keeps me grounded and reminds me that it's not the end of the world if our Christmas cards turn into Valentines cards. 


  1. ha. I can totally relate to the "I'm not tense" thing. good luck getting the cards done!

  2. I rarely do cards. I finally did this year because I thought it was a good idea for Ryan's colleagues. Many times I have had them printed saying Happy New Year so it was like I had planned them late on purpose! ;)
    Beautiful little paintings. I love the sweet birds.

  3. glad i'm not the only one. our cards might make it for the fourth of july.