Friday, November 19, 2010


I spent Monday evening at Hollander's. Generally you aren't allowed to use their facilities if you haven't taken a class, but I explained that I worked in a conservation lab for four years...and that I've worked for a letterpress shop.  They graciously let me use the board shear. It was so nice!! Last craft fair, poor Cree sat and cut out just about 75% of my prints. I'm glad I worked it out so that doesn't have to happen again. Anyway, it was just me and Tom (above) in the lab. He brought in his ipod and we worked to Joni Mitchell and the Beatles and talked about how much we love letterpress. His specialty is woodblock prints. I bought some blocks for Cree and I, but we are too scared to start carving! We have ideas...I supposed we just need to go for it.  Anyway, I was glad he let me take some photos. I thought it was a great space.

PS. I've been listening to this album all morning. Those Lennons. 

PPS. Speaking of Lennon...Don't you love seeing the Beatles every time you open the internet? I hope Apple keeps that up for a little while longer. 


  1. I'm dying over these photos. They just made my day.

  2. I really like these pictures, I would love to knwo enough to be able to play around in a studio like this :)

  3. This really sounds like the perfect day! Gorgeous pictures too! What did you make? :-)