Monday, October 25, 2010


Here are some shots from Cree's school. I absolutely love meeting him here after work. The gentleman who donated the funds to initially build the law school was an introvert of sorts and requested places for students to "hide." Apparently there are secret rooms all over. The minute I heard this, I felt an immediate kinship with him. When I work, I totally prefer to be alone...unless Cree is there, then I'd want him with me too. For me and my current stage in home for me is my place to "hide." I feel so safe and cozy. Some days when I'm having a frustrating day at work, I just yearn for home. 

One night, Cree and I should explore to find the hidden rooms. I'll keep you posted if we have any success. Our fingers are crossed.


  1. secret rooms? oh, that's definitely an invitation for exploration!

  2. This place is amazing and worth the wait for photographs. I love the men with books and secret!

  3. amazing-sounds so Hogwart-ish! Good luck with your room hunting!