Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Happy Birthday Cree! 

Having this wonderful man in my life makes me happier than I ever thought possible. Sometimes when I take a minute to stop and think about how wonderful he takes my breath away. I love having a whole day to celebrate nothing but him.

On a sidenote: Growing up, we always got to pick a present to open in the morning. He picked one from my mama....a vintage sea foam green Swingline stapler. It is so beautiful, we swooned. For real. Mom always finds the best presents. Always.


  1. moms ALWAYS know what to give... so so true

  2. Happy birthday! Glad your day was amazing! And I want to see a picture of this perfect present. Sounds so cool...

  3. Happy birthday! And is that Mamiya 6x7 on the first picture? I wanted one for ages!

  4. Yes! it is! He actually owns two. We are trying to find polaroid backs for them. Have you ever had seen any? and did you ever find a mamyia for yourself?

  5. I heart this blog! You are so cute amanda jane!

    (and I see your husband has a mamiya rz67! what a beauty! Sorry I am a nerd about film cameras!...and mamiya, I have a mamiya 645MF)