Thursday, September 30, 2010


Found some new fabric at the antique store down the street. The top one is so bright and tacky that I love it. I have no clue what I'll use it for. My sewing skills aren't that great, but I'm in the mood to experiment.  

Speaking of experimenting, yesterday on my blog read I discovered this lovely post. The blog is Snap + Tumble and I am loving her letterpressed muslin. Beautiful no? Cute, cute, cute! I think I might have to try it out on the Vandercook.


  1. ooh, I love tacky fabric too :) Can't wait to see some of your experiments with letterpress printing on muslin! I'd be interested in how you do it with the Vandercook. With the table top press, it was easy. I just held the fabric down on the platen.

  2. Amanda, I've seen your sewing skills first hand, and they are amazing! Love the fabric, love that it's banned book week, (also) love "to Kill a Mockingbird," and finally, love you! :)