Saturday, September 11, 2010

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And before this starts to look like the Biff and Rosie blog, I thought I'd throw in some of us. On the drive back from Syracuse, we stopped at Niagra Falls just because we could. We took some polaroids. I'll post them some day, when I have more time.

Have I mentioned that time for us at the moment is very limited?  Cree and I are the new seminary teachers in our ward. It a blessing, but it is hard work. That means 4:30 am wake up. So far so good....we seem to be a bit more spacey, but we hope that will pass with time. It is also Cree's first year of law school where he also holds a Graduate Student Instructor position which takes about ten hours a week in addition to his 40-50 hour a week homework load. I work full time and then letterpress/freelance in the evenings. We are pretty busy, but at least we are pretty busy together. This week has seemed pretty overwhelming, so if anyone has some extra encouragement, you can always send it our way. 


  1. Can I just say how much I loved seeing all the pictures you took while visiting?! You can make everything look extra awesome. I loved seeing it all- the fair, the graveyard, the pizza... we loved remembering everything. Good luck to you guys as you adjust to your new schedule. You can do it! You can do it!

  2. ohh we were so worried that we were gonna get called to be seminary teachers. only because it's even hard for me to wake up at 8 am. haha. but it sounds fun! i loved my seminary teachers.

  3. I bet you guys are fantastic seminary teachers! I have been loving your posts and amazing pictures. I am thinking a homemade pizza is on the docket for tonight-yum!