Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We only brought two games to the Philippines...Skip Bo and Take Two. I think we've played at least one game a day (usually while our rice is cooking). Cree asked me when he thought we'd play either game upon our return to Ann Arbor....we suspect we'll need a little break.

We are on the downward slope. We have three weeks left of work in Sorsogon and then we are taking the last week to travel up through Cree's mission. There are days where I feel melancholy about leaving and days where I can't wait (usually the days I am washing our clothes).

Being here has made me so grateful for my friends and family. I've loved our time here, but it's been difficult sometimes because I can't really converse with anyone. I've tried, but most people get nervous speaking english, talking to an American or just don't know english. In addition, my tagolog usually makes people giggle. I don't blame them. Currently we are the only Americans living in Sorsogon that we know of, so having such supportive friends and family (you know who you are) who have been so sweet with the frequent updates and video chats has been such a delight. There are days where it made my heart hurt thinking of how much time and effort it takes to be a "pen pal," but the updates keep coming and we LOVE it. We hope some day we can do the same for you.


  1. i totally understand the bittersweetness of moving somewhere completely different than home. i miss paris a lot sometimes but i was just SO ready to go home by the end. but it looks like you guys really made the best of your stay! really awesome. and i've enjoyed the pictures and stories!

  2. Well live it up these last few weeks and then hurry back...we're excited to see you!!!

  3. I'm just getting to a computer and devouring all your updates. We've definitely got to meet up before the year ends! Good luck these next few weeks. I'm sure they'll fly.

  4. Skip bo was our favorite game when we first got married but the gamming turned sour at our first RISK battle. Now we just stick to simple games like Racko

    We are loving the photos and adventures!