Monday, June 21, 2010

While we've been here in the Philippines, I've been reminded SO many times of the year my family spent in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are many similarities. Toting water, hand washing clothes, showering out of a bucket...It has all been an adjustment, but it's been fine because it is just the two of us, Cree and I. I can't imagine what this experience would have been like with little children! I remember going to the market with my mom and having a complete fit over how badly it smelled. I plugged my nose and squealed....just delightful. That said, I'm grateful that my parents took the chance and gave my brother and I such a wonderful life experience. I hope Cree and I have many more to come.


  1. You are so cute! What a cool experience.

  2. I have been to Indonesia once when I was a kid to visit relatives. I was too young to appreciate the experience - I hope to get back there some day.