Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday night, the nuns at the convent invited us over for dinner. It was delicious and the company was delightful. They just giggled the whole meal. Everyone seemed so joyful and happy! Cree and I got to sit as guests of honor next to the Father. He is 82 years old spent much of the time reminiscing about WWII. It was fascinating.

After dinner, they gave us a big bag of Oreo's...Cree's favorite, grabbed a flashlight and took us on a 10 minute walk to the road. All along the way, we could see lighting in the distance. It was so beautiful. When we got home, we went out to the balcony and Cree caught these beautiful photos. I think we snuggled there watching the lightning for about an hour. It was wonderful.


  1. wow, so cool! sounds like so much fun. cree and his oreos.

  2. ohhh robbie and i love watching the lightning! and dc has the best lightning storms, you can see lightning all around you since there are no mountains. i guess this is nothing new to you since you lived in kansas but it's novel to me :)