Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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When we first arrived in Sorsogon City, our neighbor offered to cook for us and then a couple days later, she offed to do our laundry. Since neither one of us know the art of filipino cooking or had the skills to hand wash our laundry, we took her up on her offer. We've been here five weeks and as we started to look at our budget, we realized we probably can't afford to live the life of leisure for much longer.

Yesterday morning at 7:30 sharp I had my first laundry lesson. Apparently Sarah (our neighbor) has calves of steel because for the next three hours she squatted with her rear end resting on her heels. I tried to follow suit, but only lasted a good thirty minutes. The bum of my pants were soon soaked through and I saw the wisdom of squatting while doing the laundry. It took us three hours. (I don't even want to think how long it will take when it is just me.) By five that afternoon the clothes were finally dry. My knuckles feel a bit raw, but I feel like I've learned a valuable life long lesson. Cree and I went a couple weeks without a washer and dryer in Michigan. We both felt like it was the end of the world as we knew it. We were just beside ourselves, but now I'm clam as a cucumber at the prospect of hand washing all of our clothes. (Also as a side note, the humidity makes us so sweaty, we usually change at least once a day....so it makes for a lot of laundry.) I found it oddly relaxing and I look forward to my first solo run through in a couple days.

Also, rather than show you a photo of our underwear hanging up to dry, I included this cute photograph of a clothesline found on Etsy.


  1. i am about 99% sure that learning to hand-wash clothing is something that you are always going to be grateful for. that is pretty awesome.

  2. Amanda, I'm very glad you have a blog. It's so much fun following your adventures!!