Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I adore having so much time to read! Monday night we finished reading The Good Earth together. It nearly broke my heart, but loved it even so. I love reading good books with Cree. Since it was my pick, Cree got to pick our new book. He picked Anna Karenina. The task is daunting to me, be he feels confident we can finish it before we leave. We'll see.

This week I also finished Eat, Pray, Love as well as Gang Leader for a Day. I enjoyed most of EPL. It was an easy read and I see why so many women found it inspiring. Much of the book was spent adjusting to new cultures, which I found enjoyable considering I'm adjusting as we speak.

Gang Leader for a Day on the other hand was incredible. Minus a couple of the profanities, I found it completely engaging and fascinating. I read it faster than I've read a book in a long time. As I was reading, I found myself a tad bit embarrassed at how naive I am to life in the projects. I knew they were bad, but I didn't understand to what extreme. I think the two things I found most interesting while reading were: 1) Living in the projects is like living in a war zone and 2) Living in projects with gangs is much like living in another country with a separate government, a separate tax, a separate set of laws. It opened my eyes a bit more to what life was like for the students Cree taught back in Baltimore.

I'm running out of books! We brought a limited supply!


  1. i can't quite put my finger on what i didn't really like about EPL but my friend pointed out to me that gilbert dismisses the idea of needing other people in order to survive and enjoy life fully, and then in the end she gets a boyfriend anyway! i think that's what bugged me so much. i'm all about feminism and independence but the fact of the matter is that my dependence on my husband usually trumps that :)

  2. Cree would pick a long-ass book like that.

    I envy that you two can read together, Mackenzie doesn't like read-alouds. I was looking at books in the bookstore just today thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to have family (as opposed to just individual) reading time. Amanda, you should tell Mackenzie how much you love it and maybe she'll cave so we can too.