Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As requested, here are some photos of laundry in action. Cree had the day off this week for fiesta, so he offered to learn/help me. Afterwards he was so tired all he wanted to do was sit. He said he had a renewed appreciation for all I do....I'm just grateful we have a washer and dryer waiting for us in Ann Arbor.


  1. I am currently doing laundry. I am more grateful for the washer/dryer after seeing this post. Thank you for that.

    Michelle IS a doll. I love being roomies!

  2. Hi there - I got your blog info from a friend. I'm preparing for a move to the Philippines at the moment, and I'm so delighted to find the blog of another American living there! Do you mind telling me where you are living - definitely doesn't look like Manila (where we will be). Any advice for someone who's never been? many questions...

  3. I forgot how I discovered your blog but your 'better half' series got me hooked! I cant believe you were based here in the Philippines before. I hope you had a lovely time here. It can be tricky sometimes. I love your blog :)