Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another laundry day...I'm getting pretty efficient. My knuckles no longer bleed and I've created a pretty great laundry ipod mix. That said, people still get the giggles when they walk by the American washing clothes in her swimsuit and shorts while bopping her head to music. I just smile and wave and try to find joy in the fact that they at least have a funny story to tell their friends at the market, even if it is at my expense.

We also have a flip flop update. Remember this story? About Cree's flip flops being mysteriously replaced with itty bitty dirty ones? Well, two nights ago our neighbor came by to tell us of a crazy man who has been roaming our area. She told us he was the one who took our shoes. In my head it sounded like a made up story to cover up some little neighbor kid's tracks. The next morning when we went out to the end of our street to catch a trike, there was a man wearing only his underwear and a t-shirt. Guess what was on his feet? Cree's red flip flops.

I never would have guessed we'd see those again. If the poor guy couldn't afford pants, I guess the least we could do was let him keep the flip flops. He did leave his old pair in exchange, so I guess you could say he technically wasn't stealing them, just trading....

Even so, I waited for the laundry to dry before going into work rather than leaving it out like I usually do. I'd rather he not switch out my underwear for his.

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