Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three things to love about the Philippines:

1) So many cheap mangos. (We had some for breakfast.)

2) They love music here....really cheesy music. (I recognize most of it from my giant chick flick collection) Karaoke is huge here, so late at night you can always hear the locals wailing their hearts out. Usually the selections are pretty great. A couple nights ago I heard "I believe I Can Fly," Starships "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now," and all day at work I've heard Glee on repeat with no shame. (and since I adore Glee, today's been a good day)

3) They love to eat. At work we have a mid-morning snack break around 10, then at 3 we have another snack break, which is more like a second lunch. Today it consisted of 2 pizzas and a 9x13 pan of pasta. The theory here in the Philippines is that if it doesn't contain is considered a snack. They get such a kick out of our sack lunches...usually a sandwich. They don't understand how we make it through the day.

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