Monday, May 17, 2010

This day was a tough day for Amanda in the Philippines. The missionaries invited me to go with them on a trip up in the mountains to explore the "wildlife" with the youth. The wildlife consisted of butterflies and deer. They had them imported from America and call them usa for U.S.A. Oh it was so funny. They were all so tickled. We took a jeep up and on the way back I asked how much it costs for each of of us to take the jeep. They all whispered among themselves and then told me 2,200 pesos which is about 50 dollars...which I did not have. They asked how much I did have which was 200 pesos and took that from me. I knew they were trying to trick me into paying for everyone because a normal jeep ride usually costs 50 pesos for Cree and I. I didn't know the tagolog words so argue. I felt foolish and duped as I walked home. I think they have a unrealistic perception of Americans...that we are all very rich. So far from the truth. I think I will learn a little more tagolog before I venture off on my own again. I've been in a little bit of a funk ever since.


  1. Psh. I wish I had $50 that I could easily toss at people. So were these church members that were trying to trick you into paying?

  2. I know right! Yes, the missionaries...the elders to be exact. I think the thought because I didn't speak the language I didn't understand the money. so silly.

  3. I do believe that the claim "usa" stands for "U.S.A." is a joke. We do have local deers, even having a term for the female deer (libay) and the buck (barako).

    On another note, sorry to hear about locals trying to dupe you into paying more than you should be. :(