Friday, May 28, 2010

So in order to be helpful while we've been in Sorsogon, I've been helping Cree with data entry. In the beginning, my eyes started to palms would get many numbers! Above is an example of what I've been imputing for the past couple weeks. It used to bore me to tears, but now I've started to make a game of it....I try and get faster and faster. Not to brag or anything...but I'm pretty fast.

Somedays it feels weird going to work when your in a tropical climate with a volcano just a couple miles away.

Today, they've been having a Celine Dion marathon at work. It was fun for about three songs, but then I started to realize that every one of her songs is about the same...lots of belting. Yesterday we had lots of Backstreet Boys. Maybe one day they will let Cree and I pick the music...then again, they probably wouldn't like any of it. We aren't sappy enough.

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