Sunday, May 30, 2010

New favorite discovery. Walk on Water Ball.

The basic gist of the game is to crawl into a deflated, plastic ball (apparently it is ok to cover your head with plastic here), sit patiently (appx. 5 minutes) while a man in army cargos blows air into your ball and then pushes you into the mini pool. It is too wobbly for any of the children to stand or move really, so they just sort of sit. Our favorite kid was the one in the white tank in the top photo. He sat like that (legs crossed and arms folded) for the whole ride...that is until he got bored and laid down for a bit. I just giggled and giggled. Still makes me giggle to look at the photographs. Much more fun for the people watching. Practically made our week.

Cree took these photos.


  1. hahaha they did this in norway when we visited last summer! so weird.

  2. So funny. I had to look a good 30 seconds to be sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing. Children in hamster balls in a blow up pool. That's fantastic!