Friday, May 28, 2010

Just read this article in The New York Times. Being that we are in the stationary business, I found it very interesting. I grew up in a house hold where you always wrote thank you notes. My mama is the queen of thank you notes. I take her example and try to remember as best as I can. I've even sometimes come to the event with thank you card in hand...I realize this is a bit over zealous, but I just wanted to make sure I don't forget. I've also found that when you give someone a thank you card, sometimes they act irritable with a look like, "What I did doesn't constitute a silly card." That said, I'd rather be safe than sorry and opt to send a lovely hand written thank you note.


  1. I was literally just sitting down to write a thank you card, and now I am second guessing it! I am also a faithful thank you card writer, so this gave me a little bit of an identity crisis. But those ladies sound a little stuck up to me, and I am not going to stop writing thank you notes. You shouldn't either!

  2. my mom is also an excellent example of thank you notes, and letters/cards in general. she has sent me thank you notes for sending a thank you note. i'm pretty sure she is single-handedly keeping the USPS in service.

    on that note, i've fallen out of the habit! i'm so embarrassed. my mother taught me better. the good news is that it happened recently and i got my wedding thank yous out less than a month after i got married :)

  3. although i have to say that i'm a little bugged that the author of the article referred to facebook as "moronic." just because it's not for her doesn't mean it's moronic... that's a little condescending, lady!