Monday, May 24, 2010

It was a big weekend here in the Philippines. We had to travel to Legaspi to renew our passports and decided to make a vacation of it. In Legaspi, we were able to eat at McDonalds. Now, normally, I'm not a huge fan....but this weekend, I was in heaven. It was the best hamburger I've ever had. I can't wait until next month when we have to renew our passports again...maybe we'll get lunch and dinner.

After Legaspi, we headed to Donsol. Beautiful Donsol. We took a firefly tour on the water at night and then the next morning we decided to SWIM WITH WHALE SHARKS!!!!! It was amazing. I'm not gonna lie...I was scared to death at first. In fact the first two dives, I was so scared/couldn't figure out my snorkel mask that I missed it. Apparently as I was fumbling with my face mask, I was completely oblivious to the fact that a shark the size of a small bus was swimming just feet below me. Third time was the charm. When I saw the shark, I immediately started screaming which resulted in a large amount of salt water in my mouth, yet after I realized the shark didn't really want to eat me, I could relax and enjoy the experience. I loved it and I'm so glad we did it.

getting ready.

all ready.

We shared the boat with two dutchmen. Both 21 and both not very chatty. We also shared with a couple from the Netherlands. Their story is a unique one. They met three years ago, fell in love within two weeks time. They then decided to move to France together, lived there for two years and then moved to Spain for another year. They've been traveling through Asia for 8 months and they have three months left of travel. They were a pretty interesting couple. We enjoyed getting to know them until I accidentally jumped on the girl's flipper during one of our dives.

She and her thick accent got all sorts of irritated with me.

We found it floating next to the boat a couple minutes later (thank goodness). I tried to make friendly conversation after the fact...but she merely pointed to her ear plugs with a look that said, "Don't talk to me." People are funny.

Our adorable guide. He was so quick!

Cree looks cute even when he's wearing a face mask and snorkel.
Me on the other hand....

For such a short trip, we only needed one backpack. Lucky Amanda didn't have to carry one. That's my kinda travelin.


  1. i laughed out loud about your screaming. robbie grew up in the south pacific and seeing weird things in the water is totally normal to him but when we went to the marshall islands a couple years ago and i saw all the teeny fish swimming around me i FREAKED out. he was like, "you know that those are in water you can't see very well in right?" blech.

    anyway, we've also met our share of awkward european travelers. in addition to being blunt and sometimes rude they also have no concept of the fact that a week-long vacation for an american is a REALLY long time.

  2. Yeah me and creatures don't usually get along very well. Growing up, I was always equipped with swim shoes and a raft, so that my entire body was never at any point completely in the lake. To this day my mom still brings it along for me to use. People push and pull me around the water like I'm royalty. It's a pretty nice gig I have goin.

  3. I had a slight panic attack snorkeling in Mexico once with big Jacks and barracudas - I swallowed so much water and decided I didn't really like seeing fish so up close and personal and floated on the surface instead

    You are brave with the whale shark!

    As for europeans travelers I met a few "cool" ones and shared a hostile with them but was a bit shocked to know they all sleep naked!

    We are loving your adventure!

  4. Naked?!? yikes! good thing we had our own room. :) I didn't know you traveled to mexico. I'll have to see photos sometime.

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