Friday, April 16, 2010

So when Cree and I moved to Ann Arbor, I immediately started searching the internet for people that letter pressed near by. I found Elevated Press, run by Michelle Baker. Early last year, she invited Cree and I to come take a tour of her studio.  She and her husband Pete (who is also a designer and photographer) own a great spot just past downtown.  They own three presses (shown below) and recently acquired a fantastic new (but very old) paper cutter.  Over the past couple months they have been hosting a series of art shows in their studio space which we enjoyed very much. 

I think they are a great couple and I'm very impressed with their work.  It will be nice to have them close by for our stay here in Ann Arbor. 

I have grabbed some of their work from their websites, links highlighted above, for you to take a look at. Isn't it great!?!

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