Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today I searched Amanda Jones...just for fun.

There is a Rolling Stones song called Miss Amanda Jones.
amandajones.com is a pet photographer.
26 year old Amanda Jones is missing.
This Amanda Jones was an inventor.
This one is a DJ.
This Amanda Jones was Miss USA.
Apparently Amanda Jones is also in Some Kind of Wonderful.

The list went on and on.  Amanda Cockriel was much easier to find.

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  1. amanda jane.

    i may or may have just gone through your entire blog! i'm not even sure how i chanced upon it in the first place but i am sooo happy I did! What a charmed life you lead :) And I love your work! Do you do wedding announcements? i'm getting married this june and have yet to find a solution for invites! (i would have put this all in an email, but i couldn't find your contact.) Anyway, love your blog!