Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Good news everyone!  Cree and I bought our tickets to the Philippines this weekend! It is official.  We will be gone for three months, living in Sorsogon City.  Cree has an internship with Innovations for Poverty Action through his Professor here at the University of Michigan.  He is going to be working with People's Alternative Livelihood Foundation of Sorsogon, Inc. (PALFSI), which is a non-government organization that provides microfinance services to the poor.  He will be doing research/running data/etc.  I have been asked to help with some projects.  Part of PALFSI's goal is to provide a way for women to make money.  They have taught women in the area to weave beautiful baskets among other things.  They have asked me to design an identity for their new product lines.  I am more than thrilled and honored with the opportunity.  

We are so excited.  We feel like this internship is just tailor made for him.  He speaks tagalog and knows many people in the country from his mission.  I'm excited that I get the opportunity to spend time where Cree devoted two years of his.  Every time I think about our summer, I smile.


  1. SOO exciting!! Very happy that it worked out! What an amazing summer you two will have!

  2. wahoo! I am so happy and excited for both of you! Have an amazing time:)