Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Friday is was the Ann Arbor Addy Awards. It was Mad Men themed, so of coarse, true to form, I went all out. Vintage coat, vintage broach, vintage dress, vintage purse, vintage gloves.....I even ratted my hair into a french twist. I felt like the real deal. We get there and the only other people in their 60's garb seemed to have mixed up their genre's by wearing feather boa's, rhinestone encrusted cat eyes and a tiara? It reminded me of the time I was 15 and went to a 70's themed party in my mom's mauve polyester pant suit with my hair curled and ratted well beyond Richard Simmons status, arriving at the party and finding myself the only one not wearing a pair of American Eagle bell bottoms and striped top to match.

At least this time I had a handsome man on my arm.


  1. i know what you mean.

    if you're ever in the area and allyson and i have a great gatsby dinner party, you two will be invited and we expect full, all-out, era appropriate garb. i have a feeling you will not disappoint. :)

  2. this is why we are soul sisters.

  3. I knew you'd appreciate this Shelbs.