Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Valentines Ever.

Yesterday Cree surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and told me that I needed to be dressed and ready for a nice dinner by 4:15. I was dressed and ready, but we didn't get out the door until 4:30. Cree was trying to tie his bow tie. After driving driving past Detroit (50 minutes away), I got suspicious. He had made reservations at a dinner jazz club!! I almost cried. It was beautiful....really truly beautiful. The place was called The Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe. Hardwood floors with gorgeous black and white photos of old time jazzers like Count Basie and Coltrane. The show that night was a woman by the name of Thornetta Davis. Her version of Etta James's At Last was to die for. I was mesmerized. Cree knows me so well. I was tickled pink.

Cree gave me the sweetest gift of all, photographs below. Soon, he is going to the Philippines for a week. He bought a cute stationary set and used a typewriter to write a memory for every morning he is away. Each one is dated so I won't sneak ahead, but it will be hard not too. What a treasure.

Ever since I was a little girl, my dad has made my whole family individual handmade valentines made of construction paper. I think it is so cute. My dad is such a doll.

My mama sent us a beautiful napkin set that was embroidered by my great grandma, whom she called Mo-mo, with an awfully sweet note that said, "I'm sure you'll have fun celebrating; but, when you are really in love every day seems like valentines doesn't it?" Ain't that the truth.

Biff and Rosie sent us an adorable handmade valentine with an updated photo of sweet Hazel, which we promptly put on the fridge.

This card was from my friend Colleen. I LOVE it! She just started her own letterpress company called Cleanwash. She is such a doll. I met her while working in Philadelphia, so if you are in the area...give her a call. She knows everything there is to know about letterpress.

Here is our cute little Valentines dinner. I'm trying really hard to experiment with new recipes, so we had sweet potato risotto. We both decided it was a keeper....

Deborah sent us a video of old 8mm film footage she had of the Jones family. Cree and I loved watching them all....lots of giggles. She also sent us a bag of M&M's, which I'm embarrassed to say were consumed in 24 hours of receiving them.

I felt so loved this Valentines weekend....
and you want to know something awful?
I didn't send out any Valentines!! Because of this I've decided to send out spring cards (when I get the letterpress kinks all figured out) to make up for it. It's been blogged, so it might as well be written in stone. :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines! 


  1. how sweet! your press looks perfect in that corner! can't wait to see what you come up with for the detroit far!

  2. Well it sounds like you did have a super wonderful Valentines Day! Cree scored big with the jazz club AND the pre-written notes (I love that idea!) And your dad made Valentines too?! You and your family might just change my opinion about that red-hearted holiday ;)

  3. Amanda, It sounds like you had the most delightful Valentines Day! I love reading your posts! They are very fun and I love all the pictures of fun prints that you have added! Its a great touch! Hope all is well.

    Erin Garner