Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter in Ann Arbor has meant lots of reading for the Jones family.
Some books we read out loud together,
and some we read on our own, but always side by side.
Cree's are often much more intellectual than I am in the mood for.

I LOVED this book.  
It is a very quick read...
only a couple sentences a page and 
yet it still made me laugh, cry and want to talk about it later.

Cree and I read this one together.  
Always a joy.  
And it is one of my all time favorites.

Read this on on my own.  
I like J.D. Salinger, but not my favorite one of his.

My mama sent me this one in the mail.
I didn't know if I'd like it because I don't like the cover...
and the title is weird.
Boy was I wrong.
I had a smile on my face the whole time.

Read this one together.  
I bet you are thinking..."Poor Cree"
I can't help loving it.

Read this on my own...
trying to discover why Cree loves Jack so much.
I'm still on the fence.  :)

We read this one together.
It's a downer.
Cree's pick.  He always reads sad books.

Read this one one this summer.
SOOO sad.

Now I am reading a Jane Austen.  Persuasion.  I'm Loving it.

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  1. i got "dharma bums" as a door prize a few years ago and i can't say that it was too compelling. in fact, i never finished it. i'm on the fence with jk too.

    and i love "the sun also rises." i read it for my american novel class. i think it was just a good time in my life for it (2006 was a very dramatic year for me), i wonder how i'd feel now.